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Insurance companies are notorious for stacking the deck in their favor. Indeed, that is how they make their billions of dollars each year and stay in business. Insurance is no different in theory than gambling. The odds are stacked in favor of the house. Insurance companies are betting that you will not have to file a claim and that they will collect your monthly premiums for years without having to pay out a single cent. Most of the time they win.

However, in some cases, they take the process too far. If an insurance company refuses to pay a reasonable claim within the allotted time under the law, the refusal is considered to be in “bad faith”. When this happens, it usually requires the pressure of a skilled attorney to turn the tide against the massive insurance company and in favor of the insured person.

If you have filed a claim with your insurance company which you believe should have been paid, but the adjuster is telling you there was no coverage, that the terms of your policy preclude their paying the claim or that they will only pay you pennies on the dollar for your claim, it is time to seek legal advice.

How we can help

At the Lalezary firm we are familiar with the laws and regulations governing insurance companies and their obligation to pay you in a timely manner on legitimate claims. We will assume the role of David against the Goliath insurance company and fight for your rights. In many cases, the bad faith refusal to pay your claim may subject the insurance company to additional damages, including “punitive” damages, which are intended to punish the insurance company and prevent future violations against other claimants.

If you are faced with such a situation don’t allow the insurance company to bully you into accepting an insufficient settlement or into dropping your claim altogether. Remember, you pay your premiums as required under your contract of insurance, the insurance company must also honor their part of the bargain and pay out when the time comes and their gamble works against them.

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