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Best Driving Apps

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Being involved in a car accident is one of the most traumatic things that a person can go through. If you have been in an automobile accident and you’re seeking damages, contact a car accident law firm in California. The right attorney can help you get max compensation for your losses from the accident. To help you stay safe on the road, here is a look at the best driving apps.

Google Maps

Google Maps is compatible with Gmail and other Google services. Google Maps works closely with your search engine so that any places that you search for show up in the mobile app. To help you stay aware of any problems, Google Maps integrates information from Waze.


RepairPal is a great app for people who do not have their own personal mechanic. RepairPal is also a great app to use if you are dealing with a car issue and you aren’t sure about how much it will cost to repair the damage. To prevent you from potentially being scammed, RepairPal will give you an accurate summary of how much your car repairs may cost. RepairPal can also help you find a mechanic in your area.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is considered one of the most reliable gas station finding apps available. Gas Buddy lists every gas station in the United States. The app constantly updates as new information about different gas stations develops. You can also use filters if you are looking for a specific type of gas.


Automatic connects to your car’s vehicle diagnostics port. Automatic is compatible with Bluetooth and GPS. Automatic will give you important statistics about your driving skills and your car. You’ll have access to important information about your car’s engine health, gas mileage, and overall performance. In the event that you get into an accident, the app will alert the local authorities for you. Highly recommended.


Roadtrippers is a great app if you are planning a long road trip. Roadtrippers gives you easy access to information about different hotels, campgrounds, and restaurants around the World. Roadtrippers also lists special tourist attractions for each city that you look up, and the app has unique route planning tools that will help make your traveling experience easier. You’ll even receive an estimate of the total cost of gas for the trip.


Waze is a great asset if you can’t stand getting stuck in jams. Waze will help you find alternative routes to help beat the traffic.


SpotHero can assist you by helping you find a good place to park. You can use SpotHero to reserve and pay for a parking spot so that you will be all set when you arrive at your destination.


If you have an electric car, PlugShare can be a great asset. The app provides you with an in-depth look at over 35,000 charging stations throughout the United States. Before you head to the charging station, PlugShare will let you know if the station is currently filled up or not.

Tom Tom

Tom Tom will assist you in several areas while you are on the road. The app provides you with speed camera warnings so that you’ll be aware of any upcoming trap zone. With a clear interface, you can quickly glance at the app while driving at the same time. Just don’t get caught staring at the app for more than a second.


Carcorder can act as a virtual dash cam. The app allows you to look at the road in different resolutions. You can also track your location and you’ll receive a notification when you are speeding.

iOn Road

iOn Road acts as a forward collision warning system. iOn Road, used in conjunction with your phone’s camera and GPS, will help detect the length of time that it would take for you to collide with the vehicles around you. The app uses a color coding chart to help inform you if you are too close to a vehicle. This app also includes speed sign detection.


Dashdroid has a simple user interface that tracks the weather and your current speed. Dashdroid also has voice commands that allow you to make a phone call without taking your hands off the steering wheel.


AutoMate is compatible with Google Maps. AutoMate also connects to your vehicle and has the ability to turn your vehicle on and off.

If you have been the victim of an automobile accident, it is highly advised that you turn to a well established, proven car accident law firm for help. At Lalezary Law Firm, we utilize the latest tools in case management and investigation to help our clients achieve exceptional case outcomes. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.

Why Are Left Turns So Dangerous?

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Even the shortest of drives can be dangerous, but some parts of driving are more dangerous than others. Left turns in particular are especially dangerous, a fact that’s backed by data from the NHTSA and other organizations.

While drivers can take steps to improve their safety when performing left turns, the nature of crossing an intersection means it’s especially important to be vigilant. Car accident attorneys know the risks of left turns, so here are a few guidelines for avoiding potentially dangerous situations.

Difficulty Judging Speed

When performing a left turn without a green turn arrow, drivers need to judge the speed of other vehicles. Although experience can help drivers make these decisions, momentary lapses in judgment can create a dangerous situation, especially if the driver going straight through the intersection doesn’t have sufficient time to slow down. When making a left turn, it’s critical to exercise extra caution, as misjudging the speed of oncoming traffic can cause your vehicle to be struck—and T-bone accidents are among the worst types of collisions.

Obstructed View

When cars traveling in the opposite direction are also waiting to turn left, it can be difficult to see drivers going straight through the intersection. This obstructed view can cause drivers to initiate a left turn when it’s unsafe. Furthering the risk, drivers traveling straight may not be able to see your car until it’s too late, which can result in a dangerous T-Bone collision.

It can be frustrating trying to turn left in such a situation when there’s no green turn signal. However, caution is critical to avoiding some of the most dangerous types of crashes, including left turn accidents.

Sudden Obstructions

In some situations, even the most cautious drivers can find themselves in a dangerous situation while attempting to turn left. If a driver in the opposite left turn lane decides to switch to driving straight through the intersection—a scenario our car accident lawyers have seen time and again—the other driver who initiated a left turn might be unable to make it through the intersection in time. This can leave the driver vulnerable to being struck by vehicles traveling in any direction.

Furthermore, drivers sometimes attempt to turn right on a red light without yielding to vehicles making a left turn, which can lead a driver attempting to turn left stranded in the middle of an intersection—a very risky scenario.

Unfamiliar Intersections

Judging the speed of oncoming vehicles is important to staying safe, and so is being able to judge the width of an intersection. When drivers don’t fully appreciate just how wide an intersection is, they might initiate turns that take longer than they anticipated. Exercise extra caution when driving through an unfamiliar intersection, and ensure you see just how far you have to travel. Not all intersections cross at exact square angles, and a few extra feet of travel distance can be the difference between a safe turn and a devastating crash.

Yellow Lights

It’s never fun to wait through yet another traffic signal cycle, so people making a left turn often end up speeding through. However, vehicles traveling in the opposite direction might feel the same way, leading them to accelerate when the light turns yellow. This can lead to serious crashes, especially if neither driver sees the other in time. When in doubt, exercise patient; a few minutes saved is not worth the potential risks of making a dangerous left turn.

Driving safely requires constant vigilance, as small mistakes can lead to disastrous results. That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself for high risk scenarios, and left turns are among the most riskiest maneuvers to make on the road.

Take your time when driving, and ensure you only enter an intersection when you can complete the entire turn safely. As experienced car accident lawyers know, brief dips in attentiveness and moments of poor judgment can lead to injuries or even death.

Summer Driving Tips

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Summer is just around the corner in a mere two weeks. You will definitely want to hit the road with friends and family for a nice, fun road trip. However, the summer months are also a time when it’s so easy to run into a disastrous situation like an accident. Unfortunately, however, accidents happen all the time.

If you do get injured on your summer road trip, you will want to have a skilled Los Angeles auto accident lawyer on your side, fighting for your rights. The right lawyer can help you to get started on your claim and handle negotiations with the insurance company and, if necessary, go to litigation.

Before you hit the road, make sure you know all about how to keep safe with these summer driving tips.

Check for Recalls

First and foremost, you may want to see the latest updates on vehicle recalls to see whether your vehicle or any of its parts have been affected. You can do this by checking with the NHTSA recall database. Enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to see if the specific make and model of your car has been recalled or if there was a part that was recalled within the last 15 years.

Have Your Vehicle Serviced

You should bring your car to the mechanic to have regular maintenance performed on it. Get an oil change, have someone check the battery, brakes, air conditioning, and anything else that may require a routine checkup prior to a road trip. Remember, you need your vehicle to be in tip-top condition for your travels, especially if you plan on driving long distances.

Consider a Vehicle Safety Checklist

Even if you take the best possible care of your car, it’s absolutely essential to do a few safety checks before any road trip. The following things should be checked out to ensure your safety and that of anyone traveling with you:

  • Air conditioning: Check your vehicle’s air conditioning unit and make sure it’s working properly. If it isn’t, it can really cause problems once you hit the road during the summer. The weather will be hotter, so you will need to stay cool. Older people, children, individuals with certain health conditions, and pets all require a cool vehicle on long summer road trips.
  • Cooling system: Your cooling system requires antifreeze in order to properly function. Just as important, your radiator needs water as well. The coolant should be changed if it appears rusty, clear in color, or has debris floating in it. If your coolant appears oily or thick like sludge, you should immediately take your car to the mechanic.
  • Fluid levels: Your vehicle’s fluid levels should be regularly checked. Your oil should be changed every few months, especially before a long road trip. It’s also important to check out your brake fluid, windshield cleaner, transmission, and clutch. If you spot any signs of fluid leaking from your car, it should be serviced sooner rather than later.
  • Belts and hoses: Check under the vehicle’s hood and take a look at the belts and hoses to ensure there are no cuts, cracks, or bulges. During the hotter days of summer, these items can overheat, so it’s a good idea to have them replaced prior to hitting the road for a vacation. You should also check the connections in the belts and hoses to ensure that they are secure.
  • Wiper blades: Your windshield wipers do a lot of heavy work in keeping the rain off your car’s windshield. As a result, the wiper blade might need replacing, especially since they’re susceptible to damage from the heat of summer. Check for wear and tear on them and replace them if necessary.
  • Check floor mats: Check the floor mats in the vehicle, especially the one on the floor of the driver’s seat. Improperly sized and/or old mats can result in problems such as difficulty in using the brake or gas pedal, which can raise the risk of a crash occurring.
  • Lights: Make sure all the lights are in proper working condition. Lights malfunctioning can result in lower visibility.
  • Emergency roadside kit: Always ensure that your emergency roadside kit is fully stocked just in time for your summer road trip. Your kit should include items such as a first aid kit, flashlight, cell phone and charger, jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, flares and white flag, work gloves, jack, water, paper towels, non-perishable food, maps, extra windshield washer fluid, towels, and emergency blankets.
  • Tires: Check your vehicle’s tires and ensure that they still have good treads along with correct air pressure levels.

Always, Always Buckle Up

Above all else, everyone in your car should keep their seatbelt on as long as the vehicle is in motion. It will keep you safer in the event of an accident. Even in the backseat, seatbelts should be fastened.

If you reside in California and have been involved in a collision while on the road, you need an auto accident attorney to assist you in your personal injury case. Contact a knowledgeable Los Angeles auto accident lawyer at Lalezary Law Firm for a free consultation.

Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most?

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You never think you’re going to be in a car crash. Unfortunately, they happen every day—particularly when you least expect them.

Whether you’re traveling a long distance or just running around the corner to buy some milk, car accidents can happen at any time. They can be the result of human error, hazardous road conditions, or even mechanical defects.

However, there are some areas where accidents are more likely to happen. While you want to always be cautious while driving, you should exercise extra caution in these accident-prone areas.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

Your Own Neighborhood

Your neighborhood may be a safe place with minimal traffic, but that doesn’t mean an accident can’t happen when you’re just around the corner from home. In fact, car accidents are actually most likely to happen within five miles of your own home.

Drivers tend to get comfortable when they’re in their own neighborhoods. They drive faster and pay less attention to their surroundings. This can lead to more accidents.

Within your neighborhood, accidents usually are minor. They might involve backing into a driver because you weren’t paying attention when leaving your driveway, or sideswiping a parked car. While these usually aren’t as serious as a head-on collision, they can still lead to significant injuries and associated expenses.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are another area where you may not think a car accident can occur. However, with so many vehicles moving around, it’s common for cars to bump into one another. If you’re not paying close attention to who is moving around you, you may find yourself in a fender bender.

Parking lots can also be dangerous for pedestrians. In addition to cars moving throughout, people are walking to and from stores, sometimes even getting hit by drivers who back out without checking to see if anybody’s behind them.

Like accidents in your neighborhood, these collisions may seem minor. However, parking lot accidents can potentially result in expensive repair jobs, not to mention debilitating neck and back injuries.

Intersections and Traffic Lights

It may not be surprising that intersections and traffic lights are on this list. Just one careless mistake, such as a driver not paying attention and running a red light or a driver slamming on their brakes, can lead to a devastating collision.

Tricky intersections or hidden stop signs can cause additional problems. Yellow lights can cause indecision and confusion for some drivers, leading to careless mistakes and accidents. Busy streets can also contribute to more accidents.

Usually, accidents that occur at intersections can be much more serious than those in parking lots or your neighborhood. T-bone accidents are among the worst types of car accidents in terms of damages.

Rural Highways

Rural highways are more prone to car accidents than traditional highways. While there are fewer cars on the road, the likelihood that a driver will take their eye off the road or get distracted is higher.

Rural highways are also less maintained than traditional highways. Rocks may fly up and hit your windshield or your car may slip on some loose gravel, causing you to lose control of your vehicle.

With twists and turns and poorly maintained roads, it isn’t uncommon to run into a tree or have a head-on collision on a rural highway because you couldn’t see a driver coming around a bend.

In Rush Hour Traffic

When people are trying to leave work and get home, just about any street becomes prone to car accidents. During the afterwork commute, drivers are often mulling over stressful events that occurred during their workday or feeling eager to go home and relax—meaning their mind is elsewhere.

The same applies to morning traffic. When drivers are rushing to get to work on time or multi-tasking while driving, it leaves them distracted and prone to causing an accident.

Even if you’re sitting in stop-and-go traffic, accidents are likely to occur. If a driver isn’t paying attention, they may rear-end another driver. When traffic is especially tight, this can lead to a multiple-car collision.

Regardless of where your accident happened, you’ll want to ensure that it’s properly taken care of. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver, you’ll want to contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

A car accident attorney can help you get the compensation you need to cover medical bills, vehicle repair expenses, and other damages like pain and suffering. They can also help you collect the evidence you need to prove the accident was not your fault. While your claim is being taken care of by your car accident attorney, you can focus on your recovery.

Car Insurance Company Tricks

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Insurance companies are supposed to do what is right. However, it is best for you to contact a car accident attorney in Los Angeles if you have been involved in an accident. There are a variety of tricks that insurance companies use to try to undercompensate you.

They Say That They Will Accept Liability

An insurance company may say that they are going to give you compensation for your damages, but that doesn’t mean they will give you full and fair compensation. They may tell you to get the treatment that you need. The reason that they do this is because they know that you will end up paying most of the bill. That is why you need the help of a car accident attorney in Los Angeles.

They Try to Get You to Settle Quickly

The general rule of thumb is to always consult with an attorney before you accept a settlement, especially if significant damages are involved. The first settlement that you get from an insurance company will probably not be a fair one. Insurance companies want you to settle before you realize the true costs of your accident. If you settle early and later find out that you have to pay for more treatment, beyond the value of your settlement, then there really is not anything that you can do.

They Request Information That Is Unnecessary

Insurance companies often take advantage of people by requesting unnecessary information. They may tell you that you need to provide more information, or else, your claim won’t go through otherwise. This is usually a ploy to get you caught up in chasing paperwork rather than focusing on winning your claim. Every insurance expert knows that the longer you delay your claim, the weaker it gets.

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer can take care of the paperwork and expedite the claims process so you can get the full and fair compensation you deserve without unnecessary delays.

They Blame Preexisting Injuries for Your Condition

The insurance company may try to get you to sign a form that allows them to look at your medical records. Their purpose is to find information about any preexisting injuries that they can use to devalue your claim or deny it altogether. Even if you had preexisting injuries prior to your accident, that doesn’t preclude you from pursuing compensation for your current injuries. In fact, you may be entitled to a higher settlement if the accident exacerbated your preexisting injuries, turning them into a serious debilitation.

They Use Statements Against You

The insurance company may tell you that they cannot proceed if you do not make a statement. However, they may attempt to use a statement against you. They may take your statement before all of the facts about the accident come out. Not only will they try to undercompensate you, but they may also attempt to deny your claim. You do not want to make a statement without speaking to an attorney first.

They Give a Deadline for Accepting Settlements

The insurance company may tell you that you have a deadline for accepting the settlement. However, they do this so that you will not have time to calculate your losses. This point cannot be emphasized enough: never settle when there are serious injuries involved without speaking to an attorney first.

They Will Tell You That You Don’t Need an Attorney

Insurance companies may tell you that there is no need for you to hire a car accident attorney. They may tell you that you are getting fair compensation. The reason they will try to convince you that an attorney is not necessary is because they know that they cannot pull those tactics if you have an attorney by your side.

How Fault Is Determined in a Car Accident

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Fault is central to all auto accident cases in California. While some accidents are obviously the fault of one particular driver, many others actually involve shared fault to some degree even when there are only two vehicles in a collision. The most important aspect of fault is that it determines the amount of insurance benefits available to those involved based on their personal contribution to causing the accident, with total benefits available through litigation being discounted by the assigned comparative negligence of each driver.

The problem is that this is by no means a scientific process, and it is always the most intense component of an accident settlement negotiation when insurance companies think they can reduce the settlement amount by contesting in court that the injured claimant is largely responsible for their own injuries. This is also when it is vital to have an experienced California car accident attorney representing your case who understands how to craft a case for maximum settlement value.

Official Accident Investigation

All auto collisions will typically be investigated by the local law enforcement officials unless damages are minor and both parties can drive away from the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, full stop.

Upon arrival, police officers will conduct an investigation, including interviewing all involved parties if they are not seriously injured. Serious accidents can be difficult to unravel when all accounts cannot be ascertained, and a police report may not be readily available immediately following a crash. The official accident investigation will commonly contain specific information regarding:

  • Witness Statements
  • Damage Assessment
  • Traffic Citations
  • Names of All Involved Individuals
  • Pictures

The official accident report does not indicate who was actually at fault unless a driver makes an admission. Admitting fault for an accident to a police officer or other party is never a good decision because evidence may always tell a different story later and you always should let the facts speak for themselves rather than saying something you might regret later.

Independent Accident Investigations

When an auto accident results in serious damages, insurance companies often employ their own crack squad of investigators and adjusters to mitigate payouts for the sake of their bottom line. Defendants such as trucking companies can also conduct independent investigations apart from those conducted by officers and accident reconstruction specialists, often attempting to influence the state evaluation.

Both trucking companies and their insurers are always aggressive in defending claims even when commercial vehicles cause accidents with obvious issues of company driver negligence. In addition, determination of fault in multi-car collisions can be even more complicated because each victim will have a legal team and an insurer also, with each of them potentially having opposing, contradictory accounts.

Jury Assignment of Fault

Accident cases that go to litigation are almost always centered around fault or gross negligence. The lower the comparative negligence rating for a defendant, the lower the final settlement awards will be if the defendant insurance company is not found to be acting in bad faith. The jury can use all evidence in the case from all parties in addition to the official accident report from the police officer investigation when making a final determination of the comparative negligence percentage for each driver. This is then used to calculate a final award, including punitive damages in gross negligence cases.

Contact California Car Accident Attorney Lalezary Law Firm

Never let an insurance provider or a contending negligent party deny you the full and fair monetary compensation you deserve. Always retain an experienced and aggressive car accident law firm like the legal professionals at Lalezary Law Firm who have a long track record of success. The attorney you call can make a major difference. We are THE difference maker in California when it comes to negotiating and litigation car accident claims.

A Quick Guide to Maximizing Your Car Accident Settlement

No matter how careful you are on California roadways, you cannot predict the actions of fellow drivers. While many people know what to do immediately following a car accident, few are familiar with the process of settling a car accident claim. This article will explain the right way to settle a car accident claim with an insurance company.
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Talk to the Claims Adjuster

In many cases, the first person you speak with will be a claims adjuster from your insurance company. During your conversation, they will gather information about the accident that may be used during the claims process. Topics may include:

  1. Basic information about the other driver such as their name, vehicle specs and insurance info.
  2. Details about when, where and how the accident took place.
  3. Names of any witnesses from the scene of the accident.
  4. Information about your vehicle including its current location and where the vehicle is damaged.
  5. Any injuries sustained by either party during the accident.

The best way to ensure that you are prepared to answer these questions is by gathering as much information as possible immediately following the accident. Photographs taken with a smartphone or other camera-enabled device can be very helpful during the claims process. Once your insurance company has gathered all the information they need, they can attempt to settle your claim for damages with the other driver’s insurance company.

Processing the Claim

When working with a claims adjuster, it is important to keep in mind that their ultimate goal is to protect the interests of the insurance company. These companies stay profitable by paying as little as possible on damage claims just like yours. A California car accident attorney can ensure that your claim is handled quickly and fairly.

In an attempt to pay the lowest possible amount for your claim, the insurance company may make one of the following arguments:

  • You contributed to or were at fault for the accident.
  • You failed to provide sufficient documentation to support your claim.

If an insurance company attempts to argue with you over the amount that should be paid for your damage claim, your next call should be to a California car accident attorney like Lalezary Law Firm. Car accident law firms specialize in handling vehicle accident and personal injury cases just like yours. They can work directly with the insurer to ensure you get the settlement you are entitled to.

Collecting Damages

You may be surprised to learn that there are many different types of damages that can be collected after a car accident. These damages include:

  1. Damage to your vehicle
  2. Car rentals. The majority of insurance companies reimburse expenses related to car rentals while your vehicle is being repaired.
  3. Damages to personal property. This may include items that were in the vehicle and became damaged as the result of the accident. It may also include external fixtures like bike carriers if they become damaged during the accident.
  4. Out-of-pocket expenses. This includes things like a taxi fare home from the scene of the accident.

The settlement you are offered will depend on any information or documentation you provide. This means that if you do not document the expenses that you claim to have paid out-of-pocket, the insurer may assert that you are not entitled to compensation for that part of your claim.

One of the benefits of working with a car accident law firm on your claim is that they understand how insurance companies work. They know that litigation is an expensive and time-consuming process. It is much more cost-effective to pay a fair settlement amount than to incur the fees associated with retaining legal counsel to fight your claim.

Dealing with Accident-Related Injuries

If you sustained injuries during or as a result of the car accident, the settlement process may become even more complicated. In addition to the other damages outlined in the section above, you may also be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Even if you feel confident that you can successfully negotiate a settlement for damages to your vehicle and property, you may still want to seek the advice of an experienced California car accident attorney. They can review the details of your case and ensure that the insurance company offers you a fair settlement.

The process of settling a car insurance claim can seem intimidating at first, but it does not have to be. At Lalezary Law Firm, we have years of experience working with insurance companies just like yours to ensure a fair settlement claim is reached. Our seasoned attorneys work tirelessly to protect your interests and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Getting the Best Possible Car Insurance Rates

California law requires drivers to have a way to cover the costs associated with any type of injuries or damages they have caused in a vehicle accident. The easiest way to comply with this law is to have car insurance. Many people may just get the amount of coverage required. It’s possible this won’t provide a sufficient protection for them in many cases. A car accident attorney will recommend a person make an honest assessment of their situation and then try to get the best car insurance policy possible.
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Traditional Car Insurance

In this situation, an insurance company will determine its auto insurance rates based on a number of personal factors. This includes such things as a person’s credit score, age, driving history, gender, where they live and more. Based on this information, a car insurance company will determine the level of risk associated with a driver. The greater the risk, the higher the car insurance rates. A car insurance company can sell a person the minimum required insurance. They can also offer various car insurance products.

Telematics Device

In California, insurance companies can offer usage-based insurance programs. Drivers are given a telematics device to place in their car. It will record all of a person’s driving habits. It could determine if a driver will qualify for per-mile insurance. There are also usage-based insurance rates determined by how much or how little a driver uses their vehicle. In both situations, an insurance company will also use personal factors to determine a driver’s insurance rates. The use of a telematics device does have the potential to save some drivers money on their car insurance premiums.

Review Current Insurance Policy

One of the first steps to choosing a car insurance policy is for a driver to review their current policy. It’s important they note the level of insurance as well as the amount they are paying for it. This will provide some goals when it comes to getting preferred coverage as well as the best possible insurance rates.

Check Driving Record

It’s easy for a person to forget a speeding ticket or something that didn’t seem like a big deal at the time. A person’s driving record will be used to determine their car insurance rates. Should someone have tickets or points on their record that will soon be removed, it is important they wait until this is done before getting insurance quotes.

Obtain Quotes

Once a person knows their personal driving needs and information, it’s time to present it to different insurance companies for a quote. Many people will ask friends or family members about insurance companies. A quote can be obtained using an online service or by directly contacting an insurance company representative. The amount of time required to receive a quote will vary between ten and twenty minutes. Many drivers who invest the time necessary to get multiple quotes have often been able to save hundreds of dollars.

Insurance Policies

It’s important to know an insurance company’s different rates for the coverages they provide. Knowing an insurance company’s payment policies is also essential. A driver should be aware of the payment plans offered by a company as well as any grace periods associated with making a late payment and more. All possible car insurance discounts should be explored. Insurance companies may give a discount for a person’s good driving record as well as the security and safety equipment on their vehicle and more. Some people get discounts if they have certain professional affiliations as well as certain occupations.

Check Insurance Company

A car accident attorney may recommend checking with the California Department of Insurance when choosing an insurance company. This is where it’s possible to get information on the reliability of a company as well as complaints brought against them and more. It’s also possible to get an independent rating of an insurance company from Weiss Ratings. Useful reviews from an insurance company’s customers are maintained by J.D. Power and Associates.

Review Information

This is the step when the costs, and coverage types, as well as coverage limits of different insurance companies need to be compared. The driver’s budget for car insurance will also be a consideration. A car accident attorney will recommend drivers confirm everything promised in an insurance quote is in the policy. The Insurance Consumer Advocate Network recommends checking if an insurance policy requires an auto repair business to use new factory parts or if aftermarket parts are acceptable. If an insurance policy requires only factory parts be used for repairs, a driver may want to think about this policy. If an auto repair business uses the wrong parts, the insurance company may be able to legally deny their claim.

Many people don’t take their car insurance serious enough until they have an accident. This is when they learn about their policy and insurance company. In some cases, it’s a good experience. Many people also find it an upsetting one. When someone believes they’re not getting fair compensation after an accident, it may be time to contact a car accident lawyer. They know how to review a person’s insurance policy and help them get what they deserve from their insurance claim and more.

Can Undocumented Immigrants File Accident Claims?

Traversing the legal landscape can be difficult for the average person. It is even more so for those who live as undocumented immigrants. These immigrants typically shy away from vindicating their legal rights out of fear or apprehensiveness. However, this does not have to be the case. People in undocumented status mostly have the same opportunities as any citizen when it comes to taking legal action. For example, undocumented immigrants who are injured in a car accident have the right to sue the other party just like anyone else. Undocumented people in California should not think twice about asserting their legal rights to seek compensation for accident related injuries.
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Erasing Fear: AB 2159 and Section 351.2

Previously, immigrants had a justified fear when participating in a lawsuit. Under former case law a person’s immigration status was an admissible piece of evidence in a personal injury case. A 1986 case decided by the California Court of Appeals, Rodriguez v. Kline, held that an undocumented plaintiff did not have the right to recover future lost wages based on their wages in the U.S. Rather, these plaintiffs could only be compensated at the applicable pay rate in their country of origin. The effect of this case was to reduce or eliminate a recovery for the plaintiff. It also brought up the plaintiff’s immigration status in a public forum which put them at risk for removal proceedings.

Fortunately, Rodriguez v. Kline was nullified by a restructuring of the California Evidence Code. In 2016, the governor signed AB 2159 into law. This law, which went into effect at the beginning of 2017, excludes evidence of a person’s immigration status in a civil case. Due to this, immigrants without documentation no longer have to worry about exposing their immigration status when filing a lawsuit. Your accident attorney will ensure that your status is not divulged in accordance with the law.

Immigration Status Is Not Relevant In An Injury Claim

Over the years many unscrupulous defendants have tried to use a person’s undocumented status to shield liability. In the 2003 case, Hernandez v. Paicius, the court found that the plaintiff’s undocumented status was not relevant to the outcome of the personal injury claim. For years, the Hernandez case stood for the proposition that immigration status is generally inadmissible in a civil case. Several other California court decisions support this concept and grant undocumented people the same rights as other litigants.

Filing A Lawsuit Does Not Equal Deportation

Many undocumented immigrants believe that filing a lawsuit will alert immigration officials. This is not true. The current state of law in California means that a person’s immigration status will not be discussed in court. Furthermore, it is illegal for the other party (or their accident attorney) to dissuade an immigrant from filing suit by threatening to inform DHS officials. The fear of deportation is unfounded.

Car Accident Injuries Deserve Compensation

Undocumented immigrants live, work and participate in society just like everyone else. Therefore, they deserve the same amount of redress for injuries suffered in car accidents. Most auto accidents cause serious injuries that can affect your life for years to come. Thus, as an undocumented immigrant, it is important to seek a sufficient amount of compensation to help you resume your life as normally as possible. An accident lawyer can help you with the process to make sure all of your rights are protected.

If you have further questions about filing a car accident lawsuit talk to an accident lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced accident attorney will evaluate your claim and help you determine if you have a potential recovery. Personal injury lawsuits in California must be filed within three years of the incident. Don’t let time slip away. It is important to begin working on your case right away to have the best chance at a successful outcome.

What to Do in a Car Accident

Being involved in an auto accident is a very alarming and confusing situation, so it’s not surprising that many people feel flustered in the midst of that kind of situation. By learning the best actions to take immediately after the accident and in the weeks following the incident, you can be better prepared for such a trial. While you’ll still feel nervously excited in the situation, being armed with this knowledge can help you make the best decisions for your circumstances.
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Assess the Scene

Assuming you aren’t seriously injured, you should assess the scene of the accident as much as possible. This means getting contact information from the other drivers involved in the wreck, as well as getting the names and phone numbers of witnesses to the accident. This will help your car accident lawyer, if the incident results in legal action.

Additionally, try to document the scene. Start by making notes about what you recall about the accident, while the events are still fresh in your mind. If you have a cell phone that’s equipped with a camera, you should also take pictures of the accident scene, as these may be helpful on obtaining a fair car accident settlement. Take various photos of any property damage, as well as of the scene in general.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t feel injured, you should still seek medical attention for a couple of reasons. First, there may be internal injuries that may not be present, but have not yet caused you to experience any symptoms. For instance, neck or back injuries may take time to develop, or can worsen over time. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are also common in auto accidents, but they can take days or weeks to develop. A medical exam may catch these injuries early, making treatment less invasive and more successful.

Another reason it’s wise to seek medical attention after a wreck is because failing to do so can adversely affect a car accident settlement. Seeking medical treatment shows the insurance company and the civil court that you took action to limit the scope of your injuries. Without treatment, your injuries could worsen, which would make you partially liable for the damages. This means the sum the court awards in your case will be adjusted (decreased) accordingly. In some instances, you may not receive any settlement at all.

Consult a Car Accident Attorney

Even while you’re receiving medical treatment, you may be contacted by an insurance adjuster, who is working for the other driver’s insurance company. Their goal is to settle the case as quickly as possible and for as little money as possible. For this reason, they will attempt to get you to sign off on a settlement offer, before the full extent of your injuries is known. While this is a quick way to get paid, it will likely be less than you deserve to cover all damages caused by the accident.

This is why you should wait to consult a car accident attorney, before considering any settlement. In addition to the medical bills you’re currently incurring, there are many damages for which you may be entitled to compensation. Your car accident lawyer may also try to get you money to cover the costs of damages to your car or other property and the time you have missed from work, due to receiving treatment for your injuries.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may require ongoing treatment or long-term physical therapy. If the accident caused a permanent disability, you may even be eligible to receive damages to cover the income that you’re no longer capable of earning. In any case, your attorney will likely also seek money to compensate you for pain and suffering.

After an accident, money will likely be a concern, but that’s no reason to try to handle the complexities of a personal injury case by yourself. An initial consultation with an experienced attorney is free and will give you a good assessment of your case. The attorney can’t guarantee a settlement, but he can tell you what your best options are, based on his experience and the facts of your case. If you choose to hire the attorney, he will work on a contingency, which means you won’t have to pay his fees up front. Instead, the attorney will deduct his fee as a percentage of the settlement. This makes it easier for the client, who is likely already struggling with finances, due to the burdens caused by the accident.

By following these steps after an auto accident, you can better protect yourself. Ensuring your wellbeing in these circumstances means taking care of your financial situation, as well as looking after your health. By enlisting the help of both a professional caregiver and legal advocate, you can trust that interests are being protected.