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Is Uber Finally Improving Passenger Safety?

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Right from the start, Uber has struggled with safety concerns. Everything from scams to crimes committed by both drivers and passengers have all culminated into a big optics issue for the rideshare giant.

Finally, Uber has decided to take significant steps towards improving the safety of their service. To begin with, they have started to conduct ongoing background checks and a 911 button has been added directly to the app. They have also implemented a feature where you can input “Trusted Contacts” who will see your precise location at any given moment.

Easier to Identify the Driver

One of the reasons why Uber has so summarily defeated the taxi industry is that passengers can identify drivers and vehicles straight from the app. They have now tweaked this data so that you can identify drivers and their vehicles more easily than ever before. These new updates have checked off many of the concerns that people had concerning Uber. While customers still have some ongoing questions about some of the abuses, Uber has adopted an all-out stance to make amends for some of its past mistakes.

Why the Sudden Interest in Safety?

Part of the reason Uber has changed their stance has been because of a report from CNN. After analyzing multiple lawsuits filed against the rideshare company, the news network found out that Uber had given their approval for thousands of drivers who had past criminal records. Some of the Uber lawyers involved in the suits have said how they want more security to include extra government regulation and in-person interviews. They also demanded fingerprint background checks to be performed on every driver who wants to drive for Uber.

Lack of Regulation and Accountability

One of the things that CNN talked about was how Uber had conducted a gigantic lobbying effort in close coordination with their competitor Lyft. They made a concerted push against many government efforts that have tried to add extra security during the process of screening. In fact, in California sole responsibility falls on the shoulders of Uber when it comes to examining the background history of their drivers. That leaves a lot of room for abuses to take place. Uber and Lyft’s lobbying efforts have played a big role in shaping the laws in this field.

These new safety measures follow at the heels of the CNN report that discovered how more than 100 Uber drivers had either been accused of abuse or sexual assault. Some of the new measures have meant investment in better safety technology that will help to identify some of these offenses as they occur. For example, the 911 emergency button in the app lets passengers share their location with the police quickly.

Safety a Top Priority?

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber since 2017, vowed that the company planned to make amends for their lack of proper safety regulations in the past. Despite previous efforts to even undermine the safety through lobbying, Uber has changed their tone due to mounting pressure against them, and they have committed to a more open response in the coming year.

What Happens to the Accused?

Tony West, the chief legal officer at Uber, has talked about how one of the new safety features would be if customers or the police report a sexual assault, Uber will immediately block these drivers from having access to the driving app, after which an investigation will be conducted to determine further action.

Unfortunately, West didn’t elaborate on the details of their policy for criminal background checks, and he seemed to dodge some of the lawmakers’ questions about how Uber will even ensure that drivers have good records.

If you have been the victim of a criminal Uber driver, you should call Lalezary Law Firm today. Our award-winning law firm will provide you with a qualified Uber attorney who understands the intricacies of ridesharing laws, and they can help you to receive the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Our line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will come to you wherever you are to discuss your case with you face-to-face.

Are Taxis Safer than Uber?

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The so-called rideshare business model being used by Uber and other companies has introduced several new considerations in the legal industry regarding compensation for injuries following a crash when catching a ride with an Uber affiliate driver or a “driverless” vehicle. As the saying goes, the future is now. If the point couldn’t be made clearer, there is actually a case in the court system now regarding a pedestrian who was fatally hit by an autonomous Uber vehicle.

With new industries come new safety issues. And for those who regularly use Uber as a mode of transportation, it is always good to be prepared for the worst by having a reliable Uber accident lawyer you can call in case of an emergency because time can be crucial when accidents occur and evidence can fade fast.

Traditional Taxi Safety

The traditional taxi service has been a successful business model ever since the invention of the automobile, especially in dense urban areas. Many people who live in cities see no need to own a vehicle because taxis have been reasonably dependable. Of course, accidents do occur and passengers sometimes get injured, but there are clear regulations in place to ensure that victims get the compensation they are entitled to.

The traditional employment relationship means the company is ultimately responsible for any accidents caused by their employees because they are using certified drivers in accordance with the law. In this respect, traditional taxis may be safer than Ubers because of industry regulations and certification requirements.

Unqualified Drivers

Aside from the technological advances that rideshare companies may intend to implement, Uber actually began with a contracted driver business model that lets Uber serve, through online software communication, as a clearing house for those wanting a ride in any particular location where verified drivers are operating.

However, this too has shown to be problematic because of the behavior of some Uber drivers who may be reckless or even criminal; there have been reports of drivers attacking or sexually assaulting passengers. This means there could be even more ongoing safety concerns than merely being involved in an accident when drivers are not fully vetted before becoming a contracted associate.

Employment Model

The contracted driver model can also be problematic when an accident case is being settled due to questions of liability. The business relationship between Uber and the drivers could be claimed by the company as an exemption from associated fault for any accident because Uber drivers have the option to refuse pickups if they wish, making them “independent” contractors.

The decision on liability could ultimately come down to the nature of the employment relationship and command structure. According to precedent established in a case where a six-year-old girl was killed by an Uber driver, Uber is expected to provide insurance coverage in accident cases where the driver had the app on. Of course, claims can still be contested.

The Insurance Gap

Taxis would’ve remained the smarter choice for on-demand transportation than an Uber had the state of California not addressed the insurance coverage gap in 2015. Drivers are now required to carry a minimum of $50,000 per one bodily injury, with the parent rideshare company being required to maintain an additional $200,000. Uber even increased the company liability insurance requirement for driver in an effort to further insulate the company. This means that passengers in rideshare accident situations are now protected without the problems that were initially experienced when standard insurance rules were applied. This is a solid step in the right direction.

However, it does not mean that fault will not be an issue in any Uber crash, especially when self-driving cars become mainstream. Each case is still unique in some aspect and often complicated when multiple vehicles or pedestrians are involved. Having an experienced Uber accident attorney is essential if you want maximum compensation for your damages.

Contact an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Never attempt handling an Uber accident injury case personally, especially if serious injuries are involved. This is an emerging field of law that should always include assistance from an Uber accident attorney like the legal professionals at Lalezary Law Firm who have a proven track record of results for their Uber accident victim clients.

Reporting Dangerous Lyft Drivers

While ridesharing is generally a safe form of transportation, there are reports in California of Uber and Lyft drivers getting involved in injurious and sometimes even fatal accidents. If you see a Lyft or Uber driving in an unsafe manner, you should report it immediately, for not only your own personal safety but also that of others.
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You can be severely hurt or killed by a ridesharing driver. It is imperative that they are kept off the road. If you are involved in a ridesharing accident caused by an irresponsible Lyft or Uber driver, you should seek out a California Lyft accident attorney to preserve your rights. Lalezary Law Firm is a Beverly Hills law firm that helps individuals who have been injured by rideshare drivers. Our California Lyft accident attorneys have years of experience dealing with rideshare accident cases. They will help you recover every penny you deserve.

How to Spot a Dangerous Rideshare Driver

There are some key signs to look for if you believe your driver may be driving under the influence or otherwise operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner. Uber and Lyft drivers are required by law to be alert and not to do anything untoward that would harm the passenger. Unfortunately, there are some drivers who do things that could result in accidents and injuries such as:

  • Reckless driving: If the driver is operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner such as swerving, slamming on the brakes, or exhibiting signs of road rage, it should be reported. You should remain calm and simply ask to be let out at a stop, preferably a public area. You should report the incident to Uber or Lyft and to the police as well.
  • Asking inappropriate questions: Uber and Lyft drivers often engage in small talk when they drive. If an Uber driver begins to ask questions of a personal nature or say things that are inappropriate, ask them to stop. You should also file a complaint with the rideshare company.
  • Failure to follow Uber or Lyft regulations: If you feel that the driver is not following the rules and regulations as set by the company, they should be reported. It can be a number of things like a vehicle in bad condition, speeding, or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Rideshare drivers are required to behave in a professional manner at all times. They are forbidden to say anything inappropriate or put their hands on you or engage in any behavior that you find threatening. They are also responsible for operating the vehicle in a safe manner.

If you are a victim of a rideshare driver, you need to see a Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles. They fully understand the California state laws regarding ridesharing. These types of accidents can have serious repercussions. People have suffered severe injuries in Uber and Lyft accidents. Broken bones, traumatic brain injury, cuts and abrasions and spinal cord injuries are not uncommon.

A good Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles will help you receive fair compensation for your time off from work, medical bills, pain and suffering. You have a right to receive the money you are owed. The experienced and professional lawyers at Lalezary Law Firm can help you. We will handle your case in a professional and ethical manner. Give us a call today at (888) 778-8888. We provide free, no obligation consultations. And you only pay if we win.

Rideshare Apps Ranked

The rideshare industry is a decade old business that has grown dramatically with Uber leading the way. As is true with any industry, there are winners and losers fighting for market share in this growing business sector. New industries always bring new opportunities and problems to the forefront.
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Both drivers and customers have a lot to say about the different companies. New industries take some time to evolve. Things happen, accidents occur and the next minute you’re making a call to an Uber accident attorney to decide what you should do.

Industry Leaders

Uber and Lyft are considered leaders in the rideshare world largely due to their availability in most large US metropolitan areas and the large number of drivers ready to pick up customers at a moment’s notice. While Uber still outpaces Lyft in terms of number of customers, Lyft is a true competitor and enjoys some loyal customers that prefer them over Uber. While some drivers choose to drive for Uber based on its large customer base, some favor Lyft as a less hectic alternative where you can catch your breath between rides.

When comparing Uber and Lyft from a customer’s standpoint, Lyft enjoys some advantage over Uber related to pricing. Surge pricing means customers can pay a lot more, since the demand for drivers is high. While Lyft does have premium pricing for busy periods, the fares are capped at 400 percent, which means that during high-volume hours, Lyft is cheaper than Uber. Lyft also offers an economical option called Lyft Line which is a carpooling option where customers share a car and get a lower fare.

Uber offers a variety of options too. There is uberPOOL that is Uber’s version of carpooling. Uber also provides transportation for disabled customers via its uberASSIST service. It is only available in selected cities. A driver shows up in a vehicle that will accommodate a folding wheelchair or scooter when you call uberASSIST.

Uber Availability throughout the world
Multiple Uber services such as UberXL, UberSUV, uberPOOL, and uberASSIST
Lyft’s App takes tips
Lyft’s lower pricing during peak hours
Lyft Line carpooling service and a range of different vehicles to choose from.
Lyft offers sign-up bonuses for new drivers.

Uber’s demanding and busy pickup schedules for drivers
Uber’s peak pricing
Lyft drivers get fewer rides on average than Uber drivers.

Localized Ridesharing Apps

Sitbaq is another relatively new ridesharing app. There are some differences in the way this company operates that are sure to please many customers. First, a customer can schedule the trip ahead of time. They can schedule a trip a week ahead if they want. Upfront pricing that is guaranteed is another nice feature offered by this company. For now, Sitbaq is only available in San Francisco.

Via is another company getting a lot of attention, offering their services only in certain cities for now. Drivers seems to like this company since they offer services primarily in high-demand areas where drivers can make a lot of stops in a short period of time.

Taxi Ridesharing Apps

The Curb app is similar to Uber and Lyft but has a twist since it basically hails a professional taxi driver. Like Uber and Lyft, customers can make arrangements ahead of time and track the cabs progress en route to pick them up. Payment and a tip can be made on the app.

Some of the pros of Curb are that you are using a professional driver who is fully insured. This option can be safer than using a contract driver from a rideshare app if there is ever an accident. Should this happen with Uber, a passenger who is hurt may have to call an Uber accident lawyer for help. Everything is tracked electronically with all drivers being fully accountable, which takes care of some of the problems and complaints customers had in the past about cab drivers overcharging or refusing to take them into certain neighborhoods.

Some of the worst complaints about Curb involve a lack of drivers. Curb is trying to solve this problem by penalizing drivers for skipping out on customers in favor of picking up someone closer.

Ztrip is another app-based company established for taxis. Operating in 30 cities, this service is customer-friendly, offering professional or sedan availability and upfront pricing.


Customers of rideshare companies can never be too careful. While the convenience is undeniable, there is always the possibility of a crash. It is highly advised that you call an experienced Uber accident lawyer if you ever get into an accident involving this or any other rideshare vehicle. It is not uncommon for big insurance companies like James River to resist paying claims until an Uber accident lawyer gets involved.

Rideshare Driver Safety: Is Driving for Uber and Lyft Safe?

Before you choose to apply to drive for Lyft or Uber, you need to be aware about rideshare driver safety. In today’s digital age, the horror stories about ridesharing are no longer new. You are probably thinking that these companies are doing the best they can to ensure the safety of their drivers.

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However, their ability to protect their drivers is relatively limited due to the nature of their business. Drivers are considered contract workers and not employees, which means valid safety training is not required and thus many drivers do not know how to react to emergency situations.

Rideshare Driver Safety According to the Numbers

Regarding threats to drivers, ride-sharing companies claim that they are keeping a detailed report about them. Nonetheless, the companies refuse to share the numbers with the public. By looking at the data released by the federal regulators, you would probably understand why drivers often need legal guidance from rideshare lawyers.

According to the statistics, taxi drivers are more than 20 times likely to be a victim of a murder while they are on the job compared to other types of workers. Rideshare drivers face many of the same, if not exactly the same, risks.

The Bureau of Labor also released a report in 2014 where a shocking 3,200 taxi drivers were murdered or injured while they were on their job. Around 5.6% of them have sustained an injury that was caused by a violent passenger or person. Due to figures like these, the number of drivers getting rideshare insurance is slowly rising.

Ridesharing Companies Are Aware of the Risk

Judging from the action of the ridesharing companies, they are not completely unaware of the safety risks posed to drivers. Nonetheless, they still refuse to reclassify their drivers as employees probably because they want to avoid additional expenses. Instead, they’re finding other ways to address the issue, some of them quite bizarre.

Recently, Uber has tested a toy that is supposed to distract drunk, disruptive passengers from bothering drivers and potentially putting themselves—and others on the road—in danger. The ridesharing company believes that the best way to dissuade passengers from exhibiting disruptive and dangerous behavior is to entertain them and calm their nerves.

There are also reports that said that Uber is testing how mirrors would affect passengers if they could see themselves in them. The idea behind this concept is to allow the passengers to reflect upon their unruly behavior—both in a literal and figurative sense.

Overall, the drivers of the ridesharing companies are left to fend for themselves. More drivers are choosing not to drive during the wee hours of the night and avoiding picking up drunk passengers. Though it may affect the amount that they will earn, their safety is their priority.

There are rideshare lawyers who specialize in protecting drivers and their rights. In case they encounter unfortunate situations while they are in the job, drivers need lawyers who are willing to advocate for their rights and get them the highest amount of compensation possible when negligence leads to injury and other damages.

How to Handle a Scary Passenger

Rideshare programs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for both passengers looking for cheap transit options and drivers looking for an extra source of income. Rideshare driver safety is a growing concern among drivers, as dangerous situations involving passengers increase as the number of people who participate in rideshare programs increase as well.

rideshare accident lawyer

Be Prepared

In any typical stressful situation, adrenaline will cause your body to behave in ways that are difficult to predict. As a rideshare driver, rideshare driver safety depends on your ability to be prepared in advance for any situation that may pop up.

The first thing to have on hand is the phone number of an experienced rideshare lawyer. You can breathe a little easier knowing you have someone who is familiar with the law on your side. As a driver, you should always be up-to-date with your rideshare insurance, and make sure you’re familiar with its terms.

The War on Drugs

As a driver in a rideshare program, you should be prepared for customers who try to do drugs in your car or even talk about specific drug deals while in your car. If this is the case, local law enforcement recommends you end the ride as soon as it is safely possible. The best way to do this is to stop at a populated area that is well-lit, like a gas station or department store parking lot. Make an excuse for your passengers of why you need to stop the ride and that they should find another option.

If you feel this could cause some conflict, make an excuse to exit the vehicle and head into a business to make your phone call to 911. Stopping at a police station is not recommended, as this could cause an adverse reaction in your passengers that could put your safety and the safety of others at risk.

Abusive Passengers

Drivers in rideshare programs can be subject to verbal and physical abuse from their passengers. This can range from name-calling to full-out physical assault, and you need to be prepared for any number of situations. Unfortunately, many rideshare businesses employ drivers as independent contractors, so official rideshare driver safety training isn’t offered for many rideshare drivers.

Verbal abuse can be ignored, but physical abuse puts not only you and your passengers in danger, but anyone on the road can become potential collateral damage. In the event of a physical altercation, you need to safely stop the car as soon as possible and exit the vehicle. Call 911 immediately and report the situation. If you feel your safety is still in danger, get to a safe location like inside a store or around other people as soon as you can.

The Camera Is Your Best Friend

Your most precious tool in any of these dangerous situations is a dash-cam. Visible cameras within your vehicle will not only discourage unruly passenger behavior, but it’s also your best evidence against any false claims of what happened during the ride.

The $1 Million Rideshare Insurance Policy

Many car owners become Uber drivers because they get to control their own work schedule and meet new people—and the sign-up bonus is always nice. However, what happens when there’s an Uber accident? What insurance coverage is available in this case?

rideshare accident

Any experienced rideshare accident lawyer will know that Uber provides a $1 million rideshare insurance policy. A personal auto insurance policy does not cover the driver during rides if he or she is driving for Uber. Most car insurance providers view driving for Uber as a commercial activity, and most policies exclude such activity in their regular coverage.

Requirements for $1 Million Rideshare Insurance Policy

Uber drivers have a certain level of insurance by default. The rideshare company provides it to them once they become part of the company. The insurance policy covers the activity of the driver at the time of the Uber accident.

When the driver is using the vehicle for personal purposes and not available to accept rides from the app, then the Uber insurance policy doesn’t apply. Instead, the personal policy of the driver takes effect (if qualifying insurance is available).

If the driver is available on Uber and he/she is not yet carrying a rider during the accident, the primary insurance will be the driver’s personal policy. However, the ridesharing company provides additional coverage for liability up to $50,000 for each injury and a maximum of $100,000. Uber’s insurance policy will also cover a maximum of $25,000 in damage to property.

When the driver is carrying a rider during the time of the Uber accident, then the $1 million insurance policy takes effect. Both the driver and the passenger are covered by the liability insurance policy. If there are third parties injured in the accident, the policy also covers them.

Uber’s insurance policy provide drivers the right amount of insurance required by the State of California when it comes to minimum financial responsibility. The rideshare insurance policy protects both drivers and passengers.

The rideshare insurance policy provides $1 million of liability coverage for each Uber accident; $1 million of underinsured/uninsured motorist injury coverage for each incident; collision and contingent comprehensive insurance; and no-fault coverage.

Cost of Uber Driver Insurance

The driver insurance from Uber is affordable. According to rideshare accident lawyer, the insurance is worth every penny. The cost of the policy from a private insurance provider is around $6 to $20 a month. The cost depends on the coverage amount, the city you are driving in, a provider of the policy, and other factors.

Drivers can also opt for a commercial insurance that provides more protection for drivers when they are logged into the Uber app. Commercial insurance is advisable for high-end vehicles such as UberSUV and UberLUX. While this type of policy is more expensive than the standard rideshare policy, it provides greater coverage for the driver.

These are the things you need to know about Uber’s $1 million rideshare insurance policy. If you are involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, it is advisable to contact a rideshare accident lawyer right away. The right accident lawyer can help you sort things out and guide you through the process.

The End of an Icon?

From the lovable East Coast cabbies featured on countless movies and TV shows, to the vastly more sinister Travis Bickle, played by Robert DeNiro in 1976’s “Taxi Driver,” New York cabs and their drivers are nothing short of iconic. Therefore, it’s a bit off-putting to realize that, as reported by Curbed New York, Uber and Lyft vehicles are already seriously outnumbering the classic yellow cab in the Big Apple.

End of an era?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the New York cab will be going away anytime soon. The sheer ubiquity of cabs in NYC makes them far more accessible than they would be in other cities. After all, the ridesharing services have an enormous advantage over cabs in a sprawling city like Los Angeles because, outside of certain parts of Hollywood and Downtown, you could spend hours on a typical street corner waiting for an available cab to drive by. Indeed, even calling a cab for a ride to the airport can be something of crap shoot if you’re expecting it to arrive on time. Ridesharing services in L.A. are not only cheaper than cabs, they are more dependable.

In many parts of Manhattan, however, all one has to do is hold up a hand and a cab will dutifully pull up. Indeed, New Yorkers are probably more comfortable taking cabs than people from any other city.  Curbed notes that, despite being outnumbered, New York taxis are still taking more daily trips than ridesharing vehicles – at least for the moment.

For the time being, at least, then, it seems that cabs and Uber/Lyft vehicles will be sharing the streets of New York City. During that time, it will be interesting to compare the rates of personal injuries between the two kinds of vehicles, as well as the impacts of the difference between the amount of insurance held by cab drivers versus the much larger levels of coverage that Uber and Lyft insist on. Right now, it seems to us as the ridesharing services are winning, in terms of popularity if not public safety. However, time will only tell if the New York cab companies might find a way to reassert their historic dominance.  Personal injury matters could be a factor.

The Future is (Almost) Now

With all the concern about whether or not Lyft and Uber are meeting the security and safety requirements of various cities, the ridesharing giants, and their drivers, may be facing a more serious problem in the relatively near future. According to an article on Tech Times, a new patent may mean that Google’s long-discussed plans to launch a network of autonomous ridesharing cars may be started sooner rather than later.

The future is now

To those of a certain age, this will feel like science fiction, though to the thousands of ridesharing drivers and cabdrivers it might seem more like a horror movie since they could easily become another category of worker essentially being replaced by robots. Even so, it may be some time until autonomous cars are able to wholly replace drivers. For one thing, it appears likely that the autonomous cars will not be able to go just anywhere and could be blocked by construction zones – something we see plenty of in busy urban areas. At the same time, Tech Times writes that Google should be able to overcome these issues by establishing specialized pick-up areas.

Even so, just as certain issues have developed around human-based ridesharing, some problems may also likely emerge around driverless cars. One issue that hasn’t been mentioned is that prospective passengers might simply decide they neither like nor trust them. Some might feel have sympathies with the threatened livelihoods of drivers, others might simply have an innate fear of cars that seem to have no drivers. Of course, if accidents do start to occur with these Google rideshares, then those latter fears will be bolstered. Of course, very low prices could be used as a carrot to try and overcome these concerns.

In any case, it will be very likely that Google cars will be covered by the same kind of high insurance coverage for liability that Uber and Lyft currently carry. Since robots don’t make errors the way people do, it’s likely that the Google cars will be safer than ordinary cars. Nevertheless, accidents really do happen, whether or not people are actually driving both vehicles.

Something for Uber and Lyft Customers to Keep in Mind

A recent USA Today article offers some eye-opening information for both prospective ridesharing drivers and their customers. It turn out that you don’t actually need to own an Uber or Lyft-worthy car in order to drive for one of the big outfits, though that’s still probably the most common path. There are numerous other options, including a partnership between Lyft and manufacturing giant General Motors that leases cars to drivers, but which offers them the lease for free once they hit more than 75 rides in a week. Hertz and Enterprise Rent-a-Car also offer somewhat similar leasing options. Uber has a short term leasing program, and a peer-to-peer service called Hyrecar that allows ridesharing drivers to arrange their own rentals with ordinary vehicle owners.

Something for Uber and Lyft Customers to Keep in Mind

This may be pretty good news for people who would like to make money by driving for a ridesharing company but who may not own a car, or may not own one that’s up to the standards most Uber and Lyft customers expect. On the other hand, from a point of view of those of us concerned about personal injury cases, there may be some concerns. We’re not sure how significant they are, but they’re at least worth mentioning.

Specifically, with these short term leasing options, it’s possible that some ridesharing drivers might not be fully knowledgeable about all aspects of their vehicles. After all, once you’ve owned a car for a week or two, you tend to know it pretty well, but there’s a period of adjustment when you may not fully understand all the features. Also, as any of us who’ve rented a car knows, the first hour or so of driving can sometimes be a bit stressful as we realize that we don’t really understand the way the car works as well as we might have assumed. If you’ve ever found yourself suddenly realizing you can’t figure out how to turn on the headlights on your new rental, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

That means, we think, there’s obviously some potential for a hazard posed by momentary confusion or distraction that could increase the chances of an injury. At least, as we keep mentioning, Uber and Lyft carry a great deal of liability as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This may be one more reason why that’s probably a good thing.