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Construction areas present a plethora of dangers not only to those working on the site, but to visitors and passersby. Contractors are required to keep the public safe from the dangers that inherently exist in any construction setting. Everything from loose nails to waste piles, to dangerous chemicals, collapsing scaffolds and falling steel beams can cause serious injuries or death to an innocent bystander or visitor to the site.

Construction equipment such as backhoes and bulldozers have been known to accidentally injure or kill an inattentive homebuilder who came to check on the progress of the construction of their new home.

Construction Site Dangers

Know the dangers if you intend to visit a construction site! Wear protective footwear, avoid loose clothing which may be caught in power tools, observe precautions regarding hardhats and always stay close to someone who regularly works in those conditions and can look out for you. Remember that complacency and inattention are the leading cause of injury on a construction site. Be Aware of Your Surroundings At All Times!

Construction Site Injuries

If you are injured on a construction site or if you were simply walking by and are struck by a falling object, you step on a loose nail or are sprayed with dangerous chemicals accidentally, seek medical attention immediately. If chemicals are involved, make sure your doctor knows what chemicals so they can provide the proper treatment. Once you have obtained emergency care and are out of immediate danger, contact an attorney who understands construction related injuries and the liability of the contractor.

Your attorney should have a thorough understanding of construction in every phase. Many attorneys don’t so be certain to inquire about an attorney’s knowledge of construction terminology, their understanding of the different phases of construction and what safety precautions must be observed by the diligent contractor to protect the public from injury.

Independent Contractors

Contractors are required to carry insurance and to be bonded to cover such injuries. The Contractor’s State License Board oversees all licensed contractors in the State of California and can be of significant help in prosecuting an uncooperative contractor when it comes to your being compensated for injuries caused by a contractor. No contractor wants to lose their license and be put out of business. On the other hand, many contractors have little understanding of the law and their liability for your injuries.

They may try to tell you they are not at fault because you stepped on that nail on the sidewalk. They may refuse to tell you who their insurance carrier is. In those cases, a call by your lawyer at the Lalezary Firm to the Contractor’s State License Board will invariably prompt cooperation by the less than sympathetic contractor.

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