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Groups of people often rent out limousines for special occasions—proms, weddings, dates, etc.—because they are associated with status and luxury. But even the most extravagant stretch limo is just as susceptible to a crash as any other motor vehicle. In fact, limousines can cause a lot more damage than the average car in an accident due to their huge size and weight, which can translate to devastating force in an impact. When the bodies of limo passengers or other motorists are at the other end of such force, serious injuries can result.

If you’ve been involved in a limo crash and suffered serious damages due to the negligence of the limo driver or their company, you may be entitled to significant compensation for all your pain and suffering. Contact the experienced limo accident lawyers at Lalezary Law Firm for a free, no-obligation consultation. Let us put our extensive and exceptional legal network to work for you, so you can get maximum compensation.

Establishing Liability in Limo Accidents

At the outset of your limo accident case, it is important for your attorney to determine all responsible parties. While most accident cases can be attributed to negligent or reckless acts by the driver, some limo accidents can be attributed to acts of negligence that take place even before the limo driver gets behind the wheel and turns on the engine.

Liable parties in a limo crash case include the following:

  • Limousine Driver: Limo drivers have the duty to get their passengers to their destination without incident. Unfortunately, momentary lapses in energy levels or judgment can causes drivers to fail in this duty. Examples of negligent driving include violating traffic laws, speeding, falling asleep at the wheel, and driving recklessly in general. Most limo drivers are employees, which means they are covered by their company’s insurance provider rather than their own (as long as they were acting in accordance with standard operating procedure).
  • Limousine Company: Limousine companies are responsible for the safety of their operations. This means they should maintain qualified staff and fully functional vehicles. If a limo accident occurs due to a defective limo, bad driver, or other improperly trained staff member, this can constitute a failure of duty of care and thus creates grounds for negligence.
  • Limousine Maintenance Company: Some limousine companies contract out vehicle maintenance work to an outside company. If a maintenance company fails to provide a reliable service and this results in a dysfunctional limo causing a crash, that maintenance company can be held accountable for all resulting damages.
  • Other Motorists: When another motorist, not the limo drive or company, is responsible for a limo accident, victims can make a claim against the liable driver’s insurance. If the accident occurred while the limo driver was working, compensation may be pursued from the limousine company’s insurance as well.
  • Limo’s Manufacturer and/or Retailer: Just like any other company that sells products to the public, limo manufacturers and retailers are responsible for distributing safe vehicles with zero significant defects. Failure of this responsibility creates justification for a lawsuit.

Award-Winning Limo Accident Attorneys in California

Compared to regular motor vehicle insurance, the average limits for limo insurance policies are very high. In order to avoid paying huge payouts to accident claimants, limo insurance companies often employ their legal and financial resources to fight against claims. Limo accident victims must have legal experts at their side if they want their claims to be taken seriously.

At Lalezary Law Firm, we’ve negotiated and litigated complex limo crash cases for many years. In less than five years, we’ve accumulated tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients. Don’t let the insurance company minimize the value of your claim, and let our award-winning attorneys protect your legal rights and get you the max compensation you deserve.

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