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Lyft Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

Rideshare Dangers

Rideshare applications have changed the way that Americans commute to work and play, and much of the publicity reports advantages to these forms of transportation. Not only do people have a quick, easy ride whenever they need one, but they can cut the costs of often expensive taxi services around their cities. Lyft is one of the major rideshare apps that have taken the world by storm and brought much convenience to the lives of busy Americans. There’s a darkside to the perks, though, and as a Lyft accident attorney, we’re all too familiar with them.

Lyft Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

Because drivers are paid by how many rides they give on any given day, they often find themselves in a rush to add to their clientele, sometimes failing to adhere to the safety standards of normal taxi services. And while making the rides cheap helps the customer, it means that the driver needs to have more clients in a day in order to make a living.

Lyft Insurance

The rules of rideshare insurance are a mystery to most passengers in these cars, and they’re also a mystery to the people who sometimes are the victim of a Lyft accident claim. As a Beverly Hills Lyft lawyer, we’re thankful that these services are available, but we’re sad to report that many people don’t know they can pursue additional compensation from Lyft directly. It’s not just the driver that is insured. It’s Lyft itself, a company that is now required to keep insurance on all of their drivers. This means that if you’re the victim of a negligent Lyft driver, we can help with your Lyft personal injury case.

Lyft Accident Lawyers

Our compassionate lawyers have vast experience bringing forward Lyft accident claim cases, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our clients get the most understanding representation imaginable. A Lyft accident attorney in Los Angeles must look at the Lyft personal injury claim and then aggressively pursue the case as far as it can go. We have a terrific history of victorious Lyft personal injury cases. Our process is simple.

We sit down with you and discuss the facts of your case, speak with doctors, nurses, and witnesses who have knowledge of your claim, and then we file a lawsuit on your behalf that is sure to get the attention of the courts. Lyft has a responsibility to their clients and other drivers on the road to make sure that no matter how busy their drivers are, they always adhere to the laws of the road. When a driver is negligent, an attorney an also hold them accountable and use Lyft’s insurance policy to compensate the injured driver or passengers for any injury they sustained.

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