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While ridesharing apps like Lyft provide considerable convenience when it comes to getting around Beverly Hills, it only takes a moment of negligence on the part of a Lyft driver for someone to be seriously injured.

If you’ve been injured in such an accident, protecting your rights should be one of your top priorities. You need an experienced Beverly Hills Lyft accident attorney who knows what it takes to negotiate your settlement, navigate possible medical liens and potentially pursue litigation on your behalf.

Beverly Hills Uber Accident Lawyer

One of the reasons that it’s important to speak with a Beverly Hills personal injury attorney for Lyft crashes is that ridesharing accident claims can be complicated. An accident victim from a Lyft car crash in Beverly Hills may have to deal with multiple vested parties in order to obtain compensation for their injuries, such as the ridesharing company, insurance companies, and individual drivers.

California Law’s Impact on Ridesharing Injury Claims

In the state of California, ridesharing companies like Lyft are required to carry the necessary types of insurance to cover accidents that occur while their drivers are behind the wheel. Unfortunately, some insurance companies have been known to tell victims that this coverage doesn’t apply when an accident occurs due to a driver’s misconduct, such as driving under the influence.

A qualified Beverly Hills Lyft accident attorney like those of the Lalezary Firm knows that this goes against California Vehicle Code, which states insurance companies are designed to protect ridesharing victims in cases like this.

What Happens When a Claim Exceeds Lyft’s Insurance Policy Limits?

In the event of a severe accident, a Beverly Hills personal injury attorney for Lyft may find that the ridesharing company’s insurance can’t sufficiently cover the extent of a victim’s damages. In these cases, it’s often necessary to pursue partial compensation from the person at fault for the accident. Whether the Lyft car crash in Beverly Hills was caused by the ridesharing driver or a third party, injury lawyers are likely to pursue compensation through the personal insurance of the at-fault party.

What Should You Do if You’ve Been Injured in a Lyft Crash in Beverly Hills

One of the first things that you should do if you are injured in a car accident is seek medical attention, even if you don’t seem to be severely hurt. This step has the dual purpose of ensuring that any injuries you’ve suffered receive prompt medical care while providing evidence and creating valuable documentation that a personal injury law firm in Beverly Hills may need to protect your rights.

It’s also important to report the incident to the police. Don’t make the mistake of skipping this vital step because an accident seemed minor at the scene of the crash. A police report and any information from available witnesses may be critical in proving your side of any compensation claim. Be sure to report the incident to Lyft as well.

Next, contact a personal injury law firm in Beverly Hills that specializes in protecting the rights of victims of Lyft car crashes. The experienced law team of the Lalezary Firm is dedicated to serving victims of precisely these types of claims and may be able to help. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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