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Representation For Lyft Injuries

Lyft is a rideshare company that was established in 2012. That summer, it became the second big rideshare company to capitalize on the rideshare business. Uber had been around since 2009 (back then known as UberCab). San Diego was a hot spot of activity for both of these companies, as many people in San Diego appreciate the convenience and inexpensive nature of both of these services. Injuries from Lyft accidents in San Diego are always news in the area, and they should be. Rideshare companies have a responsibility to their customers and other drivers on the road. That means when one of their drivers behaves negligently, Lyft and similar companies need to pay the price.

san diego lyft accident attorney

Lalezary represents people who have suffered from Lyft accidents in San Diego. As a premier network of personal injury lawyers in San Diego, we’ve encountered more cases of negligence than we would ever want to. It’s difficult as a San Diego Lyft accident attorney to see the aftermath of these accidents. They could have so easily been prevented had the driver been paying attention or had the driver not behaved in a way that harmed Lyft’s customers.

Types of accidents

Three primary types of injuries from Lyft accidents in San Diego come through our offices. The first type of accident is your standard accident: You’re in another vehicle and a Lyft driver hits your car or causes an accident. The second type involves being a passenger of Lyft and being injured when your driver wrecks. And the last type of injury is when a Lyft driver intentionally causes harm to you in some way (as in an assault). As a San Diego Lyft accident attorney, we see far too many cases of each kind, and many times our clients come to us not knowing who to file a lawsuit against.

Personal injury lawyers in San Diego will generally tell you to treat a Lyft accident the same way you would any other kind of accident. Don’t simply settle with insurance! In this case, the driver will have personal insurance and then the rideshare company will also have insurance, so your chances of getting greater compensation are greatly increased when you’re in one of these accidents.

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We have helped many clients retrieve the compensation they deserve after one of these life-altering accidents. Whether you suffered minor injuries or you are completely unable to work because of one of these accidents, we’re going to be able to help you recover compensation. Don’t ever settle with an insurance company before you talk to a lawyer. They will try to settle for the smallest amount, and that could mean even if you can’t work for the rest of your life, you’re stuck with the minuscule amount of money they offered you and you settled for. Call our experienced attorneys today and get the help you need! We’ll be there with you every step of the way.

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