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Motorcycle accident attorney for injuries from an accident

An experienced San Diego motorcycle lawyer can give hundred’s of examples of injuries from a motorcycle accident in San Diego and a variety of different causes. Someone who is not familiar with motorcycles might think that all riders speed, so that is the reasons for the growing number of crashes in southern California, but that is far from the case.

Motorcycle Accidents in California

In the past two decades, there has been an increase in motorcycles on the roads in California, so logically there have been more crashes involving motorcycles. Statistics show that there has been an increase in serious motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities in southern and central California.

Even if the crash appears to be minor, if the driver was knocked off the bike onto the pavement, the potential for serious injuries is there. Motorcycles have no protection, so even if they are wearing a helmet, they are exposed to the elements.

Motorcycle Crashes and Accidents

Here are the statistics for motorcycle crashes in five counties in 2016; there were 989 Orange County motorcycle accidents, 2,509 Los Angeles County Motorcycle accidents, 627 Riverside County motorcycle accidents, 525 San Bernardino County motorcycle accidents, and San Diego County motorcycle accidents had recorded the second highest with 1,285. It is impossible to know the actual number of injuries from a motorcycle accident in San Diego because many go unreported. Some injuries don’t manifest until days after the crash and many go untreated by the medical community.

California has been serious about preventing motorcycle accidents since 1922. This was the year when the first helmet laws were instated, and this law prevents more tragic injuries from occurring. Motorcycle crashes are rarely the direct result of the motorcycle rider unless they were driving recklessly. The majority of injuries from a motorycle accident in san diego involve another vehicle not seeing the motorcycle and hitting it. Whether commuting to work or just cruising along the beautiful highways of the west coast, if you are riding a motorcycle, you need to drive defensively to prevent a crash. Being involved in even a fender bender could end in injury, paralysis or death.

Motorcycle injuries attorney

Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

If you find yourself injured in a motorcycle accident, which is no fault of your own, our San Diego motorcycle attorney is fully prepared to research and investigate your accident to prove in civil court the other party’s responsibility. We fight aggressively to the damages you encountered. Insurance agents are hired by the company to settle claims as inexpensively as possible; they don’t have your best interests in mind.

They do not include missed time from work or emotional trauma, but as a top San Diego motorcycle lawyer, we have helped thousands of clients receive the compensation they are due. We are compassionate with your pain, but aggressive when it comes obtaining the damages that you have suffered.

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Our San Diego motorcycle attorneys are skilled and experienced in handling cases like yours. We invite you to contact our office and schedule a free consultation to discuss the crash and learn of your rights in California. We will not collect for the consultation with an experienced San Diego motorcycle lawyer in the firm or for any legal fees until the settlement is awarded. This way, you will know that we are working our best to obtain the full compensation that you are entitled to, which includes all medical bills, future rehab, and therapy prescribed, vehicle restoration and any work you have missed. We are dedicated to providing top stellar legal services both in the courtroom and out to benefit our clients.

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