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Any type of vehicle accident can be devastating, but a motorcycle rider can be eight times more likely to be hurt and thirty-seven times more likely to die in an accident than someone riding in an enclosed vehicle like a car or truck. The physical injuries and financial burden of caring for those injuries can be overwhelming. Motorcycle riders who believe their accident was caused by another driver’s negligence will need a personal injury lawyer. A Santa Ana motorcycle lawyer can provide knowledge and skill when representing the injured in legal proceedings. A reputable Santa Ana motorcycle law firm will be able to help their client receive the compensation they need in order to recover physically and financially from the wreck.

Santa Ana Motorcycle injuries

Motorcycle Accidents in Santa Ana

Accidents occur for many different reasons, but the most common cause of motorcycle accidents is driver error. Cars and trucks often turn in front of a motorcycle or fail to see them when changing lanes. Motorcyclists can even be injured while stopped at red lights because the driver of the other vehicle does not see them. Vehicles can malfunction and cause accidents where neither driver could have prevented it; however, in these cases, a Santa Ana motorcycle lawyer would proceed with a products liability case against the vehicle manufacturer. Dangerous conditions can also contribute to accidents even though many motorcycles are now equipped with anti-lock brakes and traction control. However, bad road conditions can still contribute to a wreck.

After a Motorcycle Accident

As quickly as possible after suffering motorcycle injuries in Santa Ana, you should move to a safe location. Other drivers may not realize there has been an accident in time to stop and this could cause further injuries. Medical care should be sought for injuries and will probably include head and chest x-rays to determine if any internal damage has been done. The accident should also be reported to the proper authorities as soon as it occurs. Then contact a reputable Santa Ana motorcycle lawyer to manage your claim from the very beginning. The attorney will know how to investigate and interview witnesses very early on. This could be extremely important in determining responsible parties.

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Recovery and Settlement

Once the responsible party has been identified as the cause of motorcycle injuries in Santa Ana then a lawyer can help you recover expenses. You may be entitled to medical bills if you were hospitalized with a head trauma or other injury. You could be compensated for hospital stays, surgery, physical therapy, or other types of treatment. The law also allows for compensation due to pain and suffering caused by your injuries. A lawyer can help determine the amount of compensation you should be awarded based on your claim. It is best to contact a Santa Ana motorcycle law firm as quickly as possible after an accident to help guide you through the claim from beginning to end.

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