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There is much to be said about getting on a motorcycle and hitting the open road. For many it is a true sense of freedom, for others it is an adventure. The California weather and scenic highways make riding a motorcycle very pleasurable. The only drawback to riding a motorcycle in California is the potential for accidents.

santa monica motorcycle injuries and personal injury attorney

There are nearly 40 million people that live in California. That is a lot of people on the road at any given time. Add to the fact that California has some of the busiest ports in the world which leads to a high density of large commercial vehicles on the road, and the “open road” gets to be a little more dangerous, especially for a motorcycle.

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most serious accidents that occur on California roads. This is due to the simple fact that the people on the motorcycle simply do not have the same physical protections as those in passenger and commercial vehicles. When an accident occurs like this, injuries happen.

When You Are A Victim Of A Motorcycle Accident

If you have sustained injuries from a motorcycle accident in Santa Monica, the first thing that you should do after receiving treatment for your injuries, is seek out legal assistance. As a victim of a motorcycle accident you must take aggressive steps to protect your rights.

You are encouraged to seek out a Santa Monica motorcycle law firm for your representation. This will ensure that the attorneys representing your case will have a working knowledge of motorcycles and accidents related to motorcycles as well as specific laws relating to these cases.

All too often the insurance companies like to deny or downplay claims made by someone in a motorcycle accident. They tell the victim that they “took a risk” by driving a motorcycle and because of this “risk” they are not obligated in the same way as they would be in a passenger vehicle event. This is simply not true. This is why it is imperative to seek out Santa Monica motorcycle lawyer to help you with your case as soon as possible after the event.

You Have Every Right To Seek Compensation For Your Injuries

When you have injuries from a motorcycle accident in Santa Monica, you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries and losses from the responsible party. You have the same protections under the law as people that operate enclosed vehicles. It is important to always remember this fact.

When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the insurance company will contact you very quickly. They will want to gather as much information from you as possible to try to build a case against paying for your losses. You are encouraged to give them only the necessary contact information, and a brief description of your injuries. After that, simply decline providing any information by stating that you would prefer to consult with your Santa Monica motorcycle law firm before making any additional comments. You have this right.

Once you have made this statement, contact a Santa Monica motorcycle lawyer about your case and proceed accordingly. This is the only safe way to protect your rights as a motorcycle accident victim.

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