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It seems like every time that we turn on the news, we hear about tragic losses of life because negligent drivers are not paying attention to the road. It could be a drunk driver or a commercial vehicle with a faulty tire. It could be that an elderly victim suffers a broken hip or worse because a store’s physical conditions are not safe for pedestrian traffic. However an injury occurs, it is not the victim’s fault. A personal injury causes unnecessary pain and suffering and economic hardships to the victim and his or her family members. For some families, the personal injury can result in a lifetime of lost earnings.

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The Truth About Personal Injury – Victims Go Unrepresented Every Day

We have worked with many kinds of cases on behalf of California injured victims, often winning court verdicts for our valued clients. The sad part is that there are many more accident victims and families out there who will not seek justice through the California civil courts. Or, they will try to hire a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, but they will be encouraged to settle with the insurance company for less than their claim deserves. They will be left with future medical bills and related expenses with no further legal actions left to take. We are here to help people who have suffered a personal injury through no fault of their own by providing aggressive representation against the big bad insurance companies. We want to help victims recover damages for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. We do this by operating on a contingency fee basis. We assume responsibility for all costs of working a case, and we don’t get paid unless we win something on the client’s behalf. This means that you, the injured victim, pay nothing out of pocket. At the same time, we do not promise that we will win any recovery, but we commit to doing our very best to help you win your case.

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When you contact our law firm, it is easy to talk to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and get answers to your questions. By seeking a free consultation, you do not have any obligation to hire a personal injury law firm in los angeles. The consultation is free for a brain injury attorney in los angeles, and any information that you provide us about your prospective claim is confidential. We have also helped many motorcycle crash victims as an aggressive and passionate motorcycle accident law firm.

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What to Look For

Hiring a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is a big decision. You should not make a decision to hire a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles on a contingency fee basis until you have researched the attorney’s professional background and gotten satisfactory answers to your preliminary questions. For example, if you hire an attorney, you will want to let this legal expert handle all contact with insurance companies and not give recorded statements. You should follow the advice of a motorcycle accident law firm to protect your claim and to help the legal representative to prepare the best case possible. As your brain injury attorney in Los Angeles, we know that insurance companies will try to pay out as little as possible to injured victims.

How to Begin

You can go online or seek a referral from someone you know and then seek free information from our Los Angeles personal injury attorney. You can ask about the statute of limitations that applies to your particular case. This will be the amount of time that you will have to file a claim in court against the defendants and their insurance companies. Don’t wait to hire a law firm and try to pay the medical bills yourself. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you during the vulnerable period following the accident. As a person with serious medical problems that resulted from an accident, it is important to focus on your recovery and get legal advice from an experienced attorney. We can provide a free case evaluation and help you determine what your next step is in pursuing a personal injury claim. We don’t believe that insurance companies and negligent drivers should get away with not paying for errors on the road that were not your fault but instantly changed your life. We encourage you to contact us today for more information!

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