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If you or a loved have suffered an accident injury in the Riverside, CA area, you need an aggressive Riverside personal injury attorney to compel the insurance company to pay the full value of your claim quickly. The tenacious litigation team at the Lalezary personal injury law firm in Riverside, CA brings decades of combined experience to every case. Our specialists routinely work on all types of personal injury cases, including car or motorcycle accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, home accidents, business accidents, and many others. We also handle personal injury cases for rideshare accidents involving both Uber and Lyft. Contact our office for a free consultation with a top-rated Riverside personal injury lawyer.

Riverside personal injury attorney

California law entitles you to compensation

Under California personal injury law, accident victims are entitled to several forms of compensation. This includes all medical bills, such as ambulance transport, emergency room charges, hospital bills, medications, surgeries, physical therapy, and many forms of aftercare. One focus of your Riverside personal injury attorney is collecting compensation for all medical care, which includes ongoing treatments, which may be required in some cases.

California law also requires replacement of all damaged property. You should never be forced to settle for an amount of money that fails to fully replace what you lost. Our litigation team compels the insurance company to give you the total value.

Did your accident cause you lost income? Any type of severe accident can result in lost wages or lost business income. California personal injury law provides for full replacement of this lost income. This is one of the most important forms of compensation after a serious accident resulting in temporary or permanent disability. We all have to pay the bills, and no accident victim should be left unable to pay living expenses, in debt, or with ruined credit because of another’s negligence or an insurance company’s delays.

Pain and suffering damages also apply to California personal injury law. Many accident victims undergo intense physical and psychological pain. Long-term injuries diminish the quality of life and prevent the victim from participating in their normal family and work life, hobbies, and community. Though lost time can never be replaced, and a settlement cannot erase the pain of severe and chronic injuries, our litigation team gets you the compensation you need to rebuild your life.

riverside car accident lawyer

Facing down the insurance company

Insurance companies use a simple business model. They take in premiums and pay out claims. The more premiums they sell and the less claims they pay, the higher the profit. At the end of the day, the insurance company’s investors judge it by its profit margin.

This creates a natural incentive for insurance companies to delay, deny, and minimize claims. If they delay payments, their profits remain higher longer. Delays also help them force claimants to accept less money. They figure that as medical and personal bills mount, the claimant may grow desperate enough to accept less than the claim’s true value. Insurance companies also look for ways to deny claims, often by transferring blame onto innocent parties.

The Lalezary personal injury law firm in Riverside is staffed by litigation pros who have combated these insurance company tactics many times before. When you get a tough lawyer involved, insurance companies immediately realize they can no longer afford to play games. Our litigation team requires them to pay the full value of your damages, including your legal costs. Insurance companies realize that you can’t be bullied. They can pay the full value or be sued in court, where their expenses astronomically increase.

Our litigation team achieves very high out-of-court settlements and even higher settlements and awards when insurance companies are foolish enough to contest solid accident claims. All of our fees are on a contingency basis, so never worry about coming up with money out of pocket. Give our personal injury pros a call today.

Uber and Lyft accidents

Under California law, rideshare companies must carry insurance with a $1 million bodily injury limit, as the company’s website explains, Your text to link…. Our Riverside personal injury team handles many Uber accident injuries and also helps many clients when they need a Lyft lawyer. Though rideshare apps provide fantastic convenience and most drivers are experienced and safe, California roads are unpredictable, and rideshare vehicles are involved in accidents all across the Riverside area every day.

If you are injured by a rideshare vehicle or while riding in one, contact our office right away. Because multiple insurance companies are likely to be involved, it is important that you obtain legal counsel at the outset. You need a professional Uber accident injuries and Lyft lawyer to represent your interests.

riverside auto accident attorney

Do you need a motorcycle accident attorney?

Southern California roadways present many dangers for motorcyclists. When you get hit while on your bike, you need a motorcycle accident attorney who knows the types of injuries suffered by riders. Injuries to the hip, leg, and other parts of the body often lead to long-term or lifelong debilitation. Insurance companies have a high incentive to minimize these claims, which can leave you and your family suffering for years to come. Take no chances. Contact our aggressive personal injury law team to discuss your case.

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