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When you suffer a major injury, you’re thought process is becomes worrisome; How long will it take to heal? Will I return to normal? Can I still do the activities I enjoy? Will it affect my work? My family life?

On top of the injury itself, financial worries also take hold. Medical bills add up into the thousands, just for starters. Long-term injuries often require surgery, extensive rehabilitation, and may result in temporary or permanent disability. Lost wages or business income on top of these expenses can bankrupt even financially strong households.

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California Insurance Law

California law recognizes the plight of accident victims. When you are injured due to another person’s actions, you are entitled to just compensation. The law provides for insurance companies to accident victims to receive payment for all medical and medically related bills, property damage, lost income, and pain and suffering, within the insurance policy.

Though California law backs the injured party, insurance companies take a different view. They subscribe to a business model that dictates success as selling high premiums while paying the least in settlements. Though insurance companies expect to pay a certain amount in claims each year, the amount they expect rarely equates to the true value of the claims they receive. To reach their goal, they reduce payouts.

When you are up against this system, you can’t go it alone. Until you have retained counsel with a record of winning civil accident judgements, insurance companies consider your claim one of the ones they can pay short. That’s why you need a San Diego personal injury attorney to fight for your rights. Contact our personal injury law firm in San Diego for a free consultation.

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No fee until we win your case

Our top-flight San Diego personal injury law firm takes cases based on their merits. Our San Diego personal injury attorneys analyze your claim and determine liability. Often, this results in them working as your negligence attorney. Many injury cases involve a lack of duty of care. When this occurs, your negligence attorney will demonstrate how the negligent party lacked that duty of care.

Do you need a motorcycle accident attorney?

San Diego motorcycle riders have all the same rights as other drivers; however, that doesn’t stop insurance companies from treating motorcycle accident victims as if they are always the cause. Though California law gives them no right to do so, they often try to short injured motorcyclists on the grounds that their injuries resulted from their choice to ride a motorcycle, when, in fact, the injuries resulted from another person’s negligence.

If you or a loved one have suffered a motorcycle injury, you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to fight for your right to equal treatment. No one shorts our motorcycle clients. Call today for a free consultation.

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Do you need a brain injury accident attorney?

Traumatic brain injuries can resolve in a few days, weeks, or in the worst cases, lead to lifelong disability, as explained by the CDC. When involved in a high-impact accident, such as a highway road accident, traumatic brain injury often results in impaired memory and cognition, changes in personality, and difficulties with movement, sensation, and senses. This often leads to an accident victim becoming unable to engage in many previous activities, including work and family life.

In cases of a brain injury, contact a brain injury accident attorney right away. Establishing medical evidence and the level of disability are crucial to receiving just compensation. Insurance companies often attempt to blame other causes for the brain injury symptoms or downplay the affects on the individual. Contact your San Diego personal injury lawyer to gain you or your loved one just compensation.

Have you been injured in a Rideshare Accident?

If so, you need a rideshare accident attorney. Companies like Uber and Lyft carry large bodily injury limits of up to $1 million, as explained on Uber’s website. Though these limits are high, injured parties find themselves dealing with the rideshare company’s insurance, the rideshare driver’s insurance, the insurance companies from other involved motorists, and their own insurance coverage. Often, these insurance companies try to evade responsibility, leaving the injured party stuck in the middle of a frustrating battle. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact your rideshare accident attorney today.

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Are you considering a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A court can never bring back a loved one. Monetary damages can only help the living. When a loved one has lost their life due to another’s negligence, their family deserves justice. The decision to bring a wrongful death lawsuit is a deeply personal one. Going through the legal process can be painful but also therapeutic. It is also necessary for the family to receive compensation. Contact our personal injury law firm in San Diego for a consultation.

Suffering a serious injury is never easy. The last thing you need is to worry about fighting with the insurance company. That’s what we do. To get the compensation you deserve, contact your San Diego personal injury lawyer today.

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