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Rideshare’s have become a common practice for many people. Often, consumers choose this form of transportation over taxis and other types of public transportation due to the value and convenience of these services. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs while using these services, it can be a difficult process getting compensation for these injuries. In addition, Uber injuries and Lyft injuries may require different processes to receive the compensation needed to cover the costs of the care.

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Who pays for the injuries

California state law requires that all rideshare services carry rideshare insurance to cover injuries to customers of rideshare services. Companies, such as James River Insurance, offer many types of commercial insurance to provide coverage for these situations. James River Insurance is just one of the various companies in California that offer rideshare insurance services specifically designed for rideshare service providers and their drivers.

What happens if the commercial insurance denies the claim

When someone is in an accident while using a rideshare service, the commercial insurance should pay for the costs of any injuries that occur from the accident. Unfortunately, if the rideshare driver is found to be at fault, some of these insurance providers may deny the claim. In these situations, the customer may need to seek compensation from the driver of the rideshare to cover the costs of the injuries. In cases where the accident was another driver’s fault, the passenger may have to seek compensation from that driver, as well. A rideshare accident attorney can help determine who pays these damages and take steps to get the compensation needed.

What if the insurance limits are not enough

Sometimes, the insurance coverage amounts are not enough to cover all the costs of treatment and care for the accident injuries. In these cases, the customer may have to seek compensation from the rideshare company directly, or from the driver employed by that company. This can be a very difficult process and may require litigation. Fortunately, there are rideshare accident attorneys that are able to assist with these situations.

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Lalezary Law Firm

The Lalezary Law Firm in California is able to provide assistance and information involving Uber injuries as well as Lyft injuries. They understand the process and can help navigate the legalities of seeking compensation for any and all injuries that may have occurred during an accident with any of these rideshare services. The experienced team will review the case and determine the best plan of action to get the right compensation. They will even take the case to court to ensure the responsible party pays for all costs of the injuries.

Auto accident injuries can be devastating and even life-threatening. These injuries can create expensive medical bills and costs for treatment. Severe injuries may even require long-term care and therapy throughout the injured person’s lifetime. In addition, these injuries may cause a person to miss work. If severe, the injured party may never be able to return to work. In these situations, the responsible party should pay for all of these costs due to the accident. Attorneys at Lalezary Law Firm understand this and will fight to get the compensation needed to cover all of these costs.

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