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Irvine Rideshare Attorney

An accident involving a rideshare service can disrupt your life. You might not know how to bring a claim for recovery when you’re in an accident that involves a rideshare vehicle in Irvine. You may have been the passenger in the rideshare vehicle, or you may have been a driver or passenger in another vehicle. Here’s how an Irvine rideshare attorney can help you with your claim:

Understanding rideshare insurance policies

Most rideshare services have generous insurance policies that help their drivers and customers in the event of a crash. Some of these insurance policies cover losses up to one million dollars. It’s important to understand that when you have injuries from a rideshare accident in Irvine, this insurance policy might work to your benefit. It can help you recover whether you’re the passenger in the driver’s vehicle or you’re in a vehicle that collides with the rideshare driver.

Determining whether the insurance policy applies

To determine whether you can recover from the rideshare guaranteed insurance policy, you need to determine whether the insurance policy applies. The insurance policy applies when the driver is actively engaged in driving a passenger. If you’re the passenger in the rideshare vehicle, you’re covered the entire time. If you’re in another vehicle, you’re covered as long as the driver is actively transporting a passenger.

When the rideshare driver is on their way to pick up a customer or they just have their app turned on and they’re waiting for a customer, the insurance policy may still apply. Each rideshare company is a little bit different when it comes to determining when the insurance policy applies. An Irvine rideshare attorney can help you review the terms of the policy to determine how it works in your case.

Determining fault

California is an at-fault state for car accidents. In Irvine, you determine who caused the accident in order to determine who should pay for your losses. Even if you’re a little bit to blame for what happened, you may still be able to recover for your injuries from a rideshare accident in Irvine using California’s rules of comparative negligence.

Uninsured and underinsured

The rideshare driver may not be at fault for the accident. However, the rideshare driver policy may still apply to help you. Whether you’re the rideshare driver, a passenger or an occupant of another vehicle, the rideshare policy may apply in a situation where the at-fault driver doesn’t have the insurance or the personal funds to cover your losses. A rideshare law firm in Irvine can help you determine if this scenario applies to you.

Getting fair compensation for an Irvine ride share accident

When the rideshare company should cover your losses, you still have to go about the business of getting fair compensation. The rideshare company may try to give you the runaround. You might not even know what kinds of losses you can claim. A rideshare law firm in Irvine can help you determine how the law applies to your case. In addition, your rideshare law firm in Irvine can help you build your case and approach the rideshare company to demand fair compensation.

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