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Rideshare Lawyers in Los Angeles

Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber have made it easier for individuals to get from point A to point B at affordable rates. However, there are times the recklessness of a rideshare driver can cause passengers to be injured or killed. If you are in such an accident, there are many rideshare lawyers in Los Angeles who can help get you the compensation you deserve.

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Rideshare Accountability

The worst part or being injured by a rideshare driver is holding the company accountable for their actions. Sadly, these companies often want to tie individuals up in court due to technicalities surrounding whether the driver is an employee or independent contractor. This is why a Lyft or Uber personal injury attorney is necessary if you are involved in a Los Angeles rideshare accident.

Lalezary Law Firm

If you are involved in a no-fault LA Lyft accident, you should seek help from the Lalezary Firm. Our experienced professionals know every aspect of the rideshare laws and will utilize them to the fullest.

Whether you are injured while a passenger in a ride share vehicle or hit by someone driving a rideshare vehicle, you deserve to receive compensation for your injuries and losses. We will fight for you every step of the way.

Uber and Lyft Insurance

Both Uber and Lyft are billion dollar companies. This means if you are involved in an LA Lyft accident, you may be able to secure a significant amount of money for your pain and suffering and lost wages. An Uber personal injury attorney from the Lalezary Law Firm will be your advocate every step of the way.

If the accident you are involved in fall into one of the following categories, you can be assured we can help you secure the compensation you need:

  • • You are injured in a collision where a rideshare driver is at fault.
  • • A ridesharing driver is injured due to another driver’s negligence.
  • • If you are a passenger injured in a ridesharing vehicle regardless of fault.

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Rideshare Lawyers in Los Angeles, like the ones at Lalezary LLP., are skilled and well-versed regarding rideshare laws in the state of California. Victims and loved ones have a right to receive fair compensation if someone is injured or killed.

If you are the victim of a no-fault Los Angeles rideshare accident, contact the professionals at Lalezary LLP. as soon as possible. Let our professionals help you secure the compensation you deserve.

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