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Riverside Ridesharing Attorney

Ride sharing is new phenomena of contemporary digital society that allows individuals to turn their personal vehicle into a taxi business by utilizing the Uber or Lyft company app, that communicate with potential customers. The idea is simple. If you are going to have a car, you may as well make some money in the process. The problem with this idea is that accidents happen regularly on California highways, often leaving the ridesharing contractor liable for damages when passengers are injured in accidents. Other problems can also arise as well when contracted drivers do not carry the appropriate insurance for passengers in a commercial vehicle as stated by California law. Commercial drivers are held to a different standard than a typical individual driver, as minimum insurance protection levels are increased. This commonly means that filing an insurance claim for injuries when in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver can lead to complicated legal cases if the claim is denied, creating a need for a Riverside Lyft accident attorney.

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Who is at fault in Rideshare Accident?

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the individual driver, or the ridesharing company could be responsible The first individual who is liable is the owner of the vehicle, but there could potentially be more negligent parties in a multiple vehicle collision. All drivers involved in any accident are assessed for a percentage of fault and benefits are paid based on that level. Passengers are rarely assessed for comparative negligence, which commonly results in a whole damage verdict if the case goes to trial. The problem with multiple car collisions is that many times each driver will have a different insurance company and the cases can become very complicated and strongly defended. This is why it is imperative to have a Riverside Uber attorney handling the claim to ensure that all avenues of financial compensation are pursued.

Is the employer liable?

There is a high likely-hood that either Uber or Lyft can be held liable for damages in certain situations, which can be very important when the contracted driver’s insurance company denies a claim because commercial passengers are not covered by the policy. California law requires all transport services to carry specific commercial carrier insurance protection for just such claims, and insurance companies are well-known for using any technicality the adjusters can find to deny a claim. An experienced Riverside Uber attorney will expect this tactic when commercial insurance coverage is not available and stress the nature of the employment relationship between the two parties. Uber and Lyft policy is that drivers can reject pickups if they wish and work when they want, but this may not suffice as a legal exemption from providing benefits by the parent company or their insurance carrier.

Call Riverside Lyft Accident Personal Injury Lawyer Lalezary Law Firm

It is never a good decision to attempt negotiating a Lyft or Uber accident claim personally without the advice of a personal injury lawyer and Southern California PI law firm helping navigate the claim. Rideshare drivers are not required to disclose when the parent company has insurance protection as well, even when it is a one car accident, and an experienced and effective Southern California PI law firm will understand how to investigate the case particulars for a maximum whole damage settlement.


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