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A Sacramento Rideshare Attorney Can Help You

There are many rideshare companies located around the Sacramento area, and this is proving to be a convenient way of getting around the city. At the same time, when an accident occurs, a nightmare can just be beginning. Because it is not your car, it is often difficult to know who to turn to after such an accident in order to get resolution for your claim. If you have suffered injuries from a rideshare accident in Sacramento, you are almost certainly entitled to a financial claim. Allow a Sacramento rideshare attorney to help get that for you.

Deferment of Medical Bills

When you have injuries from rideshare accident in Sacramento, there will almost certainly be medical bills coming your way. Since the accident was obviously not your fault, these should be taken care of by some party involved in the accident. Until that gets resolved, however, you will want an attorney working on your side to get the bills deferred. This will give you the financial peace of mind that you need to focus on your recovery.

Direct Handling of the Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies is rarely any fun, even when the accident is not your fault. When you are in an accident with a ridesharing company, this process can become even more complex. You will have insurance companies contacting you and trying to get you to settle for far less than you deserve. Do not fall into their trip. Refer all such calls to your Sacramento rideshare attorney.

Dealing with the Driver and Ridesharing Company

While it is true that California does require any ridesharing company operating within the state to have liability insurance on its drivers, this will not stop them from trying to get out of their obligation. They may try to blame the driver and get you to go after him instead. You still have that option, but you want to make sure it is in your best interest. You need a lawyer to deal with such a company and ensure that your rights are protected.

Securing Financial Compensation

In the end, you want a lawyer in order to secure the financial compensation that you are entitled to. You did not ask for this accident to happen, yet it did. You do not have insurance in this situation since you were just a passenger. It is not even your vehicle. Regardless of whose fault it is, you need to have your medical bills and other expenses, at minimum, taken care of. Depending on the situation, there might be more coming your way as well.

When you have injuries from rideshare accident in Sacramento, you need to be free to focus on your own recovery. You do not want to have to be fighting with insurance companies every step of the way just to get the money that is supposed to be yours anyway. Allow your attorney to help you and ease that suffering once and for all.

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