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Frequently Asked Rideshare Questions

If you were injured in a Lyft ride accident, or know someone who was, it is important to understand what provisions California laws makes for you to collect compensation. A qualified San Bernardino Lyft accident attorney can help you sort through all the details and fight for the compensation you deserve in your Uber and Lyft injury claim. Here are some common questions associated with rideshare accident claims and some guidance on how you should proceed.

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“Who Is Liable For My Injuries?”

California law has special provisions for rideshare service passengers. In nearly any other auto accident case, the liability falls directly on the negligent party, whether that was the Lyft driver or a third party. In the case of rideshare accidents, though, the first party sought for damages is typically the rideshare company.

Whenever it is appropriate, your lawyer will either call multiple defendants or open multiple cases to ensure that you collect all the compensation you need and deserve. If your medical bills will surpass the maximum benefit available through the rideshare’s insurance company, your rideshare attorney in San Bernardino may name any other negligent party in your case or in a separate case.

“The Insurance Company is Offering a Settlement. Should I Take It?”

You should never agree to an insurance settlement without first talking with a lawyer. The Inland Empire Uber and Lyft lawyer team at Lalezary Firm has a proven success record for negotiating settlements that are far more comprehensive than what would be offered directly to an injured party.

Most insurance settlements simply do not account for all the treatment, care, pain, and suffering associated with an auto accident injury. If your injuries will require years of care, you need to know that the money will be there to cover those costs. The insurance company is not thinking along those lines. Their primary concern is their best interest and that of their client. This is why you need your own lawyer advocating for you at every step of your Uber and Lyft injury claim.

“I Really Don’t Want to Sue a Rideshare Driver – Won’t That Hurt Him Financially?”

It can be difficult taking action against another person, especially when you know the damage done was accidental. In the vast majority of cases, the individual’s assets are not sought as part of the settlement. Settlements and judgments are almost exclusively drawn from insurance policies. Only in cases of extreme gross neglegence would your Inland Empire Uber and Lyft lawyer ever seek damages from the driver’s or other individual’s personal finances or assets.

“Do I Really Need a Rideshare Lawyer? It Sounds Expensive.”

Working with a qualified attorney is key to collecting all the money you need and deserve. Your San Bernardino Lyft accident lawyer team at Lalezary Firm is eager to speak with you about your claim. There is no fee for an initial consultation and we never impose a fee unless we collect on your behalf. We are your rideshare attorneys in San Bernardino and surrounding areas.

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