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Santa Monica Rideshare Attorney

In 2017, rideshare programs officially overtook the taxi industry as the most popular way for people to cheaply explore their cities and reach their destinations. Official rideshare statistics from the year demonstrate this handily. Unfortunately, it also meant that personal injuries from rideshare services also skyrocketed. One website even began the arduous process of documenting these incidents so that people can have a better idea of who is actually driving them from place to place.

Rideshare Regulations

The rules for rideshare are still vastly different from the regulations that often restrict taxis and make them a more accountable form of transportation. Great strides have been made to hold services like Uber and Lyft more accountable, though. They are now required to insure their drivers just like a regular taxi, meaning that if one of their drivers injures someone, there may be a wealth of resources available. Unfortunately many people aren’t aware that they can do more than just settle with an insurance company.

Rideshare Personal Injury Lawyer

Lalezary Law Firm, LLP is a Santa Monica rideshare attorney’s office that has a no recovery, no fee policy on cases involving personal injuries from rideshare or any other form of personal injury. As your dedicated rideshare accident insurance attorney, we’re able to handle cases where:

– You’re injured by a rideshare driver causing an accident with your vehicle
– You’re injured while riding in a rideshare vehicle
– You’re involved in ANY accident where a rideshare vehicle was involved

Many people aren’t aware that a Santa Monica personal injury law firm can help in this last instance. Even IF the rideshare driver wasn’t at fault, there are times when their firm can be held accountable financially for your specific injuries, and our lawyers are always aggressive in pursuing these cases just like any other personal injury case that lands on our desks.

Rideshare Accidents and Injuries

Rideshare accidents are ever increasing. This is because the number of rideshare employees is increasing. This has become a very lucrative side-income for many individuals, and the majority of rideshare drivers are responsible and everyone arrives at their destination safely. Sometimes Uber insurance works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Insurance companies typically try to settle for as little money as they can, making it necessary for you to get a Santa Monica Rideshare attorney to fight for your case.

Santa Monica Personal Injury Attorneys

Lalezary Law Firm is a Santa Monica personal injury law firm that is completely committed to its clients from the beginning of first contact to the conclusion of the case. The outcome of your case will often depend on whether or not you contact us early on. The sooner the better. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a rideshare driver, then it’s important to call our rideshare accident insurance attorney immediately. We’ll compassionately listen to the facts of your case, share our legal opinions, and let you know exactly what we can do to help. Our goal is always to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact us today to get the help you need. We’ll fight for you so that you can peacefully recover from your ordeal.

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