Water Vessel Accidents

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Watercraft are like any other vehicle. They frequently are the cause of injuries or death as a result of the inattention of the operator. Personal watercraft operators however, are not required to undergo any licensing process or training prior to purchasing and operating their craft. This results in watercraft being operated in reckless and dangerous manners. The lack of licensing requirements often causes drivers to feel a sense of invulnerability and that results in more reckless operation than the same person would use operating their car. This is a dangerous combination for the unsuspecting fellow boater or swimmer in the water.

Propeller Accidents

Boat propellers can seriously mangle or kill a person. A boat propeller accident is akin to falling in a giant blender and flesh and bone are no match for the high revolutions of the propeller. Divers are at a particularly high risk against an inattentive or inexperienced boat driver. At high speeds a boat driver may drive right over a surfacing diver shredding them to bits.

In addition, because of the leisure based nature of boating, many drivers are intoxicated as they drive, causing their reaction time to diminish and resulting in deadly inattention.

However, in recent years, boating insurance has become more popular, leaving the injured boating accident victim with greater recourse than in past years.

What can you do?

Nevertheless financial recovery can be difficult in boating accidents. If you are injured in such an accident, you need the help of a law firm that understands the various methods of financial recovery whether there is insurance or not. While liability may be easy enough to establish, collecting for your damages may be very, very difficult.

Here at the Lalezary Firm, we understand the methods available under the California Code of Civil Procedure for collecting on your judgment including levying on bank accounts, garnishing wages and forcing the sale of real and personal property to collect on your judgment.

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