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Car Insurance Company Tricks

Insurance companies are supposed to do what is right. However, it is best for you to contact a car accident attorney in Los Angeles if you have been involved in an accident. There are a variety of tricks that insurance companies use to try to undercompensate you.

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They Say That They Will Accept Liability

An insurance company may say that they are going to give you compensation for your damages, but that doesn’t mean they will give you full and fair compensation. They may tell you to get the treatment that you need. The reason that they do this is because they know that you will end up paying most of the bill. That is why you need the help of a car accident attorney in Los Angeles.

They Try to Get You to Settle Quickly

The general rule of thumb is to always consult with an attorney before you accept a settlement, especially if significant damages are involved. The first settlement that you get from an insurance company will probably not be a fair one. Insurance companies want you to settle before you realize the true costs of your accident. If you settle early and later find out that you have to pay for more treatment, beyond the value of your settlement, then there really is not anything that you can do.

They Request Information That Is Unnecessary

Insurance companies often take advantage of people by requesting unnecessary information. They may tell you that you need to provide more information, or else, your claim won’t go through otherwise. This is usually a ploy to get you caught up in chasing paperwork rather than focusing on winning your claim. Every insurance expert knows that the longer you delay your claim, the weaker it gets.

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer can take care of the paperwork and expedite the claims process so you can get the full and fair compensation you deserve without unnecessary delays.

They Blame Preexisting Injuries for Your Condition

The insurance company may try to get you to sign a form that allows them to look at your medical records. Their purpose is to find information about any preexisting injuries that they can use to devalue your claim or deny it altogether. Even if you had preexisting injuries prior to your accident, that doesn’t preclude you from pursuing compensation for your current injuries. In fact, you may be entitled to a higher settlement if the accident exacerbated your preexisting injuries, turning them into a serious debilitation.

They Use Statements Against You

The insurance company may tell you that they cannot proceed if you do not make a statement. However, they may attempt to use a statement against you. They may take your statement before all of the facts about the accident come out. Not only will they try to undercompensate you, but they may also attempt to deny your claim. You do not want to make a statement without speaking to an attorney first.

They Give a Deadline for Accepting Settlements

The insurance company may tell you that you have a deadline for accepting the settlement. However, they do this so that you will not have time to calculate your losses. This point cannot be emphasized enough: never settle when there are serious injuries involved without speaking to an attorney first.

They Will Tell You That You Don’t Need an Attorney

Insurance companies may tell you that there is no need for you to hire a car accident attorney. They may tell you that you are getting fair compensation. The reason they will try to convince you that an attorney is not necessary is because they know that they cannot pull those tactics if you have an attorney by your side.

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