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Do Loud Pipes Really Save Lives?

If you are a motorcycle rider, you are naturally concerned about safety. You want to be sure that when you enjoy your hobby you are not also risking your life. For many years, motorcycle riding enthusiasts have claimed that using loud pipes on their bikes is a life saver. There are two sides to this debate, with not a whole lot of hard evidence to really support either view. Accidents involving riders still occur on a daily basis—loud pipes or not—as any motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you.
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If You Keep Your Pipes Loud, Will It Save Your Life?

Many motorcycle riders claim that keeping their pipes as loud as possible is the best thing they can do for safety’s sake. This is because they assume that the louder you are, the more easily noticed you will be. In other words, safety and noise have a direct correlation.

Motorcycles are small in relation to cars, trucks, and RVs. Even the largest touring bike has relatively little protection to offer to the rider. This is why many people believe that keeping your pipes nice and loud is the next best thing you can do—besides practicing defensive driving—to keep other vehicles constantly aware of your presence.

Does the Loud Pipe Theory Really Bear Results in Real Life?

However, as there are many advocates of the loud pipe theory, there are also many people who simply don’t buy it. For one thing, there is no data on the amount of motorists who have swerved to avoid a motorcycle because of loud pipes. A quick check with a local motorcycle accident attorney will confirm this. Many people also point to the fact that, to this day, no major—or even minor—safety authority or organization has recommended the use of loud pipes.

Are Loud Pipes Simply an Affectation?

Many people believe that making use of loud pipes on a motorcycle is really nothing more than an affectation. Pointing to supposed safety benefits is just a way for some bike riders to justify the use of these loud pipes. While this may not be true of every motorcycle rider, it is true that no leading motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles has come forward to expressly endorse the loud pipe safety theory.

What Should You Do If Your Loud Pipes Don’t Prevent an Accident?

Suppose that you have had your bikes fitted with the loudest exhaust system possible. What if these loud pipes still did not suffice to prevent you from getting into an accident? If you have proof that the accident was not your fault, your best bet at this point is to engage the services of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

The accident that you suffered on your motorcycle may have left you with injuries that need constant medical attention and therapy for the foreseeable future. If the settlement that the insurance company offered you for your injuries was not enough to cover your costs, you need to look elsewhere for justice. It’s an excellent idea to arrange for an initial consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

If You Have Trouble Covering Your Expenses, You Need Legal Help

You may have been forced to miss a great deal of time from your job because of your injuries. You may have gone far over your allotted number of vacation and sick days. This may have resulted in you being fired from your job. As a result, you may have lost the ability not only to cover your medical bills but also to cover your basic house and car payments.

If your accident has devastated your finances, you need to speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer today. This is the person who can help you present your case to the court in order to get the fair settlement you need to pay off your expenses and reclaim your quality of life.

Even If Your Pipes Aren’t That Loud, You Can Still Get Justice

At the end of the day, loud pipes were neither the cause of your accident or a suitable safety measure. Likewise, you were not the culprit but the victim of the accident that resulted in your serious and costly injuries.

What matters is that you can prove that the injuries you received as a result of this accident entitle you to fair and full compensation. The sooner you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer, the sooner you can get your life back on track. The time to call for your free initial consultation is now.

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