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New California Traffic Laws for 2018

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The California Legislature passes new laws concerning different spheres of life every year, and 2018 is not an exception as new traffic laws have already taken their effect on January 1 of this year. All of them were carefully examined by our experienced car accident attorneys in preparation of this article. Some of these laws are important and necessary, while others may be more controversial.

Here is a quick overview of the New California Traffic Laws for 2018 and their effect on citizens of the Golden State.

The Usage of Marijuana

Even passengers are now not allowed to do anything that can distort the driver from the road and hinder driver safety. This law prohibits passengers to from ingesting or smoking marijuana if they are sitting in a moving vehicle.

Pedestrians’ Security

The new law makes it even clearer when pedestrians can cross the road. It clarifies that people can legally cross the street while the “Don’t Walk” signal or its equivalent are flashing. However, this is only allowed if the person can manage to cross before the traffic signal is stops flashing. The authorities hope that this law will make pedestrians safer, and even prevent them from crossing the road when it is prohibited. If effective, this law may even decrease the number of car accidents.

Regulating the Work of Ridesharing Services

Drivers who are working for ridesharing companies, such as Lyft or Uber, are now subject to stricter blood alcohol regulations. If there is a passenger in the car, drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04 are strictly prohibited from driving. Those who break this rule can get in trouble with the law. Our car accident lawyers think it’s just about time for this regulation.

Smog Checks Exemption

The smog checks exemption has been prolonged from six to eight years. However, drivers will have to pay more money annually. The fees will increase from $20 to $25 during the seventh and the eighth years.

A Training Program for Motorcyclists

Thanks to a new law, motorcyclists may complete a CHP-approved motorcyclist-training program in lieu of the required motorcycle skills test. After completing the course, motorcyclists receive a certificate that waives the skills test. This does not apply to riders under 21 years of age, as they still have to complete a novice motorcyclist-training program.

All in all, the new California Traffic Laws have improved road safety. Our team of car accident attorneys approve!

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