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Rideshare Apps Ranked

The rideshare industry is a decade old business that has grown dramatically with Uber leading the way. As is true with any industry, there are winners and losers fighting for market share in this growing business sector. New industries always bring new opportunities and problems to the forefront.
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Both drivers and customers have a lot to say about the different companies. New industries take some time to evolve. Things happen, accidents occur and the next minute you’re making a call to an Uber accident attorney to decide what you should do.

Industry Leaders

Uber and Lyft are considered leaders in the rideshare world largely due to their availability in most large US metropolitan areas and the large number of drivers ready to pick up customers at a moment’s notice. While Uber still outpaces Lyft in terms of number of customers, Lyft is a true competitor and enjoys some loyal customers that prefer them over Uber. While some drivers choose to drive for Uber based on its large customer base, some favor Lyft as a less hectic alternative where you can catch your breath between rides.

When comparing Uber and Lyft from a customer’s standpoint, Lyft enjoys some advantage over Uber related to pricing. Surge pricing means customers can pay a lot more, since the demand for drivers is high. While Lyft does have premium pricing for busy periods, the fares are capped at 400 percent, which means that during high-volume hours, Lyft is cheaper than Uber. Lyft also offers an economical option called Lyft Line which is a carpooling option where customers share a car and get a lower fare.

Uber offers a variety of options too. There is uberPOOL that is Uber’s version of carpooling. Uber also provides transportation for disabled customers via its uberASSIST service. It is only available in selected cities. A driver shows up in a vehicle that will accommodate a folding wheelchair or scooter when you call uberASSIST.

Uber Availability throughout the world
Multiple Uber services such as UberXL, UberSUV, uberPOOL, and uberASSIST
Lyft’s App takes tips
Lyft’s lower pricing during peak hours
Lyft Line carpooling service and a range of different vehicles to choose from.
Lyft offers sign-up bonuses for new drivers.

Uber’s demanding and busy pickup schedules for drivers
Uber’s peak pricing
Lyft drivers get fewer rides on average than Uber drivers.

Localized Ridesharing Apps

Sitbaq is another relatively new ridesharing app. There are some differences in the way this company operates that are sure to please many customers. First, a customer can schedule the trip ahead of time. They can schedule a trip a week ahead if they want. Upfront pricing that is guaranteed is another nice feature offered by this company. For now, Sitbaq is only available in San Francisco.

Via is another company getting a lot of attention, offering their services only in certain cities for now. Drivers seems to like this company since they offer services primarily in high-demand areas where drivers can make a lot of stops in a short period of time.

Taxi Ridesharing Apps

The Curb app is similar to Uber and Lyft but has a twist since it basically hails a professional taxi driver. Like Uber and Lyft, customers can make arrangements ahead of time and track the cabs progress en route to pick them up. Payment and a tip can be made on the app.

Some of the pros of Curb are that you are using a professional driver who is fully insured. This option can be safer than using a contract driver from a rideshare app if there is ever an accident. Should this happen with Uber, a passenger who is hurt may have to call an Uber accident lawyer for help. Everything is tracked electronically with all drivers being fully accountable, which takes care of some of the problems and complaints customers had in the past about cab drivers overcharging or refusing to take them into certain neighborhoods.

Some of the worst complaints about Curb involve a lack of drivers. Curb is trying to solve this problem by penalizing drivers for skipping out on customers in favor of picking up someone closer.

Ztrip is another app-based company established for taxis. Operating in 30 cities, this service is customer-friendly, offering professional or sedan availability and upfront pricing.


Customers of rideshare companies can never be too careful. While the convenience is undeniable, there is always the possibility of a crash. It is highly advised that you call an experienced Uber accident lawyer if you ever get into an accident involving this or any other rideshare vehicle. It is not uncommon for big insurance companies like James River to resist paying claims until an Uber accident lawyer gets involved.

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