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Signs of a Dangerous Dog

The state of California has specific rules regarding pets and what happens when they injure people. The state has a specific set of laws that handle dog bites. Therefore, it’s important for pet owners and non-pet owners to be able to recognize the signs of a dangerous dog. If they know the signs, then they can take steps to prevent injuries to other people and thus prevent personal injury suits.
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The following is some information about dangerous dogs, bite incidents and how a person can recognize the signs of an impending attack. You can review them and then take action to avoid having to call a dog bite attorney.

California Dog Bite Law

California is quite clear about how it assigns liability when dogs bite people. It holds the dog owner responsible for the injuries that an aggressive dog causes to a person when he bites that person. The only exception to the rule is when the dog is a police animal, and he bites a person who is involved in criminal activity. Military animals who attack in their course of duty fall into the same category. Otherwise, the state will require the pet owner to pay for the victim’s damages. A dog bite lawyer is someone who can help a victim like that collect his or her compensation for the injuries.

Six Signs of a Dangerous Dog

The following are some of the most common sign of a dangerous dog. Beware and take special care of yourself if you notice such behaviors:


A growl is usually a sign of aggression in a dog no matter what the circumstances are. If you hear growling, it usually means that a dog is either angry or scared and he may attack whoever is making him feel that way if provoked further.


Excessive barking can be a sign of an aggressive dog, though barking is not always necessarily an aggressive gesture. Dogs generally bark because it gives them pleasure to do so, but if a dog is allowed to bark excessively without being controlled, it may lead to aggression. A person who comes across dog that is barking excessively should assume that the dog is aggressive for the sake of their own safety.


Freezing, also known as posturing and posing, occurs when a dog gets close to a person and then freezes in that spot and stares. It’s usually not a good sign, and it indicates that the dog is probably going to lunge out of that stance and bite whoever is in its path.


Lunging is jumping forward at an object or a person in an aggressive fashion. Barking and growling may come before, after and during a lunging episode. Biting may also come along with it, as well.

Teeth Clenching

Teeth clenching or exposure is a sign of aggression. Many dogs show their teeth, or they clench them when they are getting ready to fight another dog. They may do this with a person, as well, and it’s a sign of an impending attack.

Direct Eye Contact

Any direct eye contact from a dog that occurs when a person is not speaking to the dog could be a sign of an upcoming attack. The dog may interpret the stare as a challenge and start attacking.

How to Prevent Dog Bites

If you are around a dog who is exhibiting any of the above behaviors, you will need to remove yourself from the dangerous situation as quickly as possible. It may be a good idea for you to leave the premises that you’re at. Try to back away from the situation slowly so that you do not upset the animal. If the owner is reasonable, you can try to talk to him about making sure that he contains or restrains his pet.

If you’re a pet owner, you should react by keeping your dog leashed so that it cannot harm another person even if it wants to do so. You should pay close attention if the dog has exhibited any aggressive behaviors in the past.

Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been attacked by a dangerous dog, you must contact a dog bite attorney as quickly as possible. You’ll be invited to a consultation during which you can tell the attorney what happened to you. He will let you know if you have a case, and then you can decide if you would like him to help you win the monetary compensation that you deserve for your trouble. The efforts can immediately begin if you decide to trust this person to watch out for you. You may be surprised at how rapidly you can get the funds that you deserve.

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