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Is Uber Finally Improving Passenger Safety?

Right from the start, Uber has struggled with safety concerns. Everything from scams to crimes committed by both drivers and passengers have all culminated into a big optics issue for the rideshare giant.

Finally, Uber has decided to take significant steps towards improving the safety of their service. To begin with, they have started to conduct ongoing background checks and a 911 button has been added directly to the app. They have also implemented a feature where you can input “Trusted Contacts” who will see your precise location at any given moment.

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Easier to Identify the Driver

One of the reasons why Uber has so summarily defeated the taxi industry is that passengers can identify drivers and vehicles straight from the app. They have now tweaked this data so that you can identify drivers and their vehicles more easily than ever before. These new updates have checked off many of the concerns that people had concerning Uber. While customers still have some ongoing questions about some of the abuses, Uber has adopted an all-out stance to make amends for some of its past mistakes.

Why the Sudden Interest in Safety?

Part of the reason Uber has changed their stance has been because of a report from CNN. After analyzing multiple lawsuits filed against the rideshare company, the news network found out that Uber had given their approval for thousands of drivers who had past criminal records. Some of the Uber lawyers involved in the suits have said how they want more security to include extra government regulation and in-person interviews. They also demanded fingerprint background checks to be performed on every driver who wants to drive for Uber.

Lack of Regulation and Accountability

One of the things that CNN talked about was how Uber had conducted a gigantic lobbying effort in close coordination with their competitor Lyft. They made a concerted push against many government efforts that have tried to add extra security during the process of screening. In fact, in California sole responsibility falls on the shoulders of Uber when it comes to examining the background history of their drivers. That leaves a lot of room for abuses to take place. Uber and Lyft’s lobbying efforts have played a big role in shaping the laws in this field.

These new safety measures follow at the heels of the CNN report that discovered how more than 100 Uber drivers had either been accused of abuse or sexual assault. Some of the new measures have meant investment in better safety technology that will help to identify some of these offenses as they occur. For example, the 911 emergency button in the app lets passengers share their location with the police quickly.

Safety a Top Priority?

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber since 2017, vowed that the company planned to make amends for their lack of proper safety regulations in the past. Despite previous efforts to even undermine the safety through lobbying, Uber has changed their tone due to mounting pressure against them, and they have committed to a more open response in the coming year.

What Happens to the Accused?

Tony West, the chief legal officer at Uber, has talked about how one of the new safety features would be if customers or the police report a sexual assault, Uber will immediately block these drivers from having access to the driving app, after which an investigation will be conducted to determine further action.

Unfortunately, West didn’t elaborate on the details of their policy for criminal background checks, and he seemed to dodge some of the lawmakers’ questions about how Uber will even ensure that drivers have good records.

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