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Bicycles, like pedestrians, are deemed to have the right of way, provided the rider is operating within reasonable safety limits. This right of way is applied even greater in situations where bicycle riders are operating in marked bicycle lanes.

Bicycle accidents occur frequently when a driver makes a turn without looking and “sideswipes” the rider knocking them to the ground or into a parked car or telephone pole. The injuries from these relatively low speed accidents are no less serious than injuries sustained in high speed collisions between two cars.

Automobile Collisions

Bicycle riders of all ages can suffer from serious head, neck and back injuries which may take years to heal, or may never heal at all. As a rider rides along on a bike, they are engaging in a constant balancing act and even the slightest touch, or no contact at all can result in a crash. Most of us have fallen off our bike at some point. It hurts. As children it may have been a very traumatic first accident, even if nothing hit us.

As a result of the crash the bicycle may be damaged beyond repair, our belongings (often computers in today’s world) may be nothing more than shattered parts. Cuts, scrapes, bruises and broken bones may occur. For some, their bicycle is their main means of transportation and the only way they can get to work each day.

Accidents involving children

Furthermore, many auto v. bicycle accidents involve children, who are still developing and may thereafter experience problems the rest of their lives because of the injuries. Some may never achieve that athletic scholarship, others may never walk again, and still more may suffer irreparable brain trauma.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact an attorney who understands the experience, the injuries and the liability laws of the State of California. Only with skilled assistance will you ensure proper compensation for your injuries.

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