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Premises liability is the legal concept that the owner of property owes a duty of care to anyone visiting the property. If an owner knows, or should know that there is an unsafe condition on their property, whether, a tripping hazard, unsafe construction, dilapidated conditions, unsafe chemicals being used, inadequate safeguards in food service, potentially dangerous individuals, dangerous animals, fire hazards, microwave interference with pacemakers, and today, even cigarette smoke on the premises, they not only owe a duty of care to prevent injury to others, but to conspicuously post warning signs advising guests that they are entering a dangerous area and what the dangers may be.

When a property owner fails to warn guests, whether invited or not, of a dangerous condition and the guest is injured on the property, the law says that the owner is liable for the injuries.

Other sections of this website detail different situations involving premises liability by the owner of property. In any event, if you suffer an injury on someone else’s property, you should immediately consult with a knowledgeable attorney at the Lalezary Firm regarding your rights.

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