Bicycle Do's and Don'ts

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Riding a bicycle can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get engaged in physical activity. However, if you allow yourself to develop unsafe habits, you may end up getting injured. By following the safety guidelines outlined below, you’ll be able to better protect yourself against the hazards that all bicyclists face on the road.

The Do’s of Bicycle Safety

  1. Wear Protective Gear – The most important rule for staying safe is to wear all of your protective equipment. This includes a properly fitted helmet, as well as knee and elbow pads. Wearing a helmet can lower your risk of developing a head injury, including traumatic brain injuries, by up to 85%. Always examine your helmet before riding to ensure there are no cracks in the exterior and that the interior is free from tears and other defects.
  2. Adjust Your Seat – If your seat is at the wrong height, that can make it difficult for you to properly maneuver your bicycle. Position yourself on the bicycle and stand with one foot on the pedal. The opposite leg should be fully extended yet have a slight bend at the knee. This will ensure a comfortable—and safe—riding position.
  3. Inspect Your Bicycle – Before each ride, you should take the time to look over your bike to ensure it’s in good working order. The handlebars should be secure when held in place and allow you to turn the front wheel easily. Both wheels should be secured to the bike as well and should be aligned with the frame, so they’re straight. Also make sure the chain fits correctly and is lubricated.
  4. Obey the Rules of the Road – You should always ride with traffic, sticking to the right side of the road. If there isn’t a shoulder or bicycle lane, stay as far right as you can. Additionally, stop at intersections, just as you would if you were operating a car. Don’t forget to look out for pedestrians as well as motor vehicles.
  5. Wear Reflective Clothing – Try to wear bright colors at night in addition to reflective clothing. While you should always wear reflective clothing, this is especially true if you’re going to be riding after dusk. Darker clothing will make it harder for other drivers to spot you on the road.

The Don’ts of Bicycle Safety

  1. Don’t Tailgate – While a bicycle accident attorney may warn that tailgating can hurt your chances in recovering damages, the larger concern is for your safety. Getting too close to a motor vehicle in traffic can cause you to become injured or worse.
  2. Don’t Grandstand – It may seem like fun but showing off on your bicycle in traffic can end up causing an accident. You should properly ride your bicycle on city streets, keeping your hands on the handlebars at all times. Save tricks and stunts for bicycle parks designed for those activities.
  3. Don’t Carry Others – Leave your pet at home and resist the urge to “piggyback” others on your bicycle. Unless it has two seats, your bicycle is only intended to carry a single rider and no more. Carrying a pet or letting another person ride with you can make it harder to steer.
  4. Don’t Ride Against Traffic – Riding against traffic may seem safer because you have eyes on approaching vehicles, but it’s actually more dangerous than riding with the flow of traffic. One reason for this is that drivers pulling out into the intersection are less likely to see you. They will be watching for oncoming traffic, which will be to their left. As such, they won’t be looking in your direction and will likely strike you as they pull into the lane. Another reason is that head-on collisions can be much more devastating than if a car were to clip you from behind.
  5. Don’t Ride During Stormy Weather – While you may sometimes get caught unexpectedly in rain, try to avoid this when possible. You should check weather reports before going out on your ride, especially if it looks cloudy outside. Riding in the rain comes with many risks including less visibility and control.

Bicyclists are much more susceptible to injuries than motorists because they don’t have the benefit of a steel cage. While a bicycle accident attorney can help you receive compensatory damages in an accident, it’s much better to protect yourself against the possibility. By practicing safety first and obeying the rules of the road, you’ll be much safer on the roads. If you do get into an accident due to the negligence of another person, contact Lalezary Law Firm right away for legal protection.

Is Uber Finally Improving Passenger Safety?

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Right from the start, Uber has struggled with safety concerns. Everything from scams to crimes committed by both drivers and passengers have all culminated into a big optics issue for the rideshare giant.

Finally, Uber has decided to take significant steps towards improving the safety of their service. To begin with, they have started to conduct ongoing background checks and a 911 button has been added directly to the app. They have also implemented a feature where you can input “Trusted Contacts” who will see your precise location at any given moment.

Easier to Identify the Driver

One of the reasons why Uber has so summarily defeated the taxi industry is that passengers can identify drivers and vehicles straight from the app. They have now tweaked this data so that you can identify drivers and their vehicles more easily than ever before. These new updates have checked off many of the concerns that people had concerning Uber. While customers still have some ongoing questions about some of the abuses, Uber has adopted an all-out stance to make amends for some of its past mistakes.

Why the Sudden Interest in Safety?

Part of the reason Uber has changed their stance has been because of a report from CNN. After analyzing multiple lawsuits filed against the rideshare company, the news network found out that Uber had given their approval for thousands of drivers who had past criminal records. Some of the Uber lawyers involved in the suits have said how they want more security to include extra government regulation and in-person interviews. They also demanded fingerprint background checks to be performed on every driver who wants to drive for Uber.

Lack of Regulation and Accountability

One of the things that CNN talked about was how Uber had conducted a gigantic lobbying effort in close coordination with their competitor Lyft. They made a concerted push against many government efforts that have tried to add extra security during the process of screening. In fact, in California sole responsibility falls on the shoulders of Uber when it comes to examining the background history of their drivers. That leaves a lot of room for abuses to take place. Uber and Lyft’s lobbying efforts have played a big role in shaping the laws in this field.

These new safety measures follow at the heels of the CNN report that discovered how more than 100 Uber drivers had either been accused of abuse or sexual assault. Some of the new measures have meant investment in better safety technology that will help to identify some of these offenses as they occur. For example, the 911 emergency button in the app lets passengers share their location with the police quickly.

Safety a Top Priority?

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber since 2017, vowed that the company planned to make amends for their lack of proper safety regulations in the past. Despite previous efforts to even undermine the safety through lobbying, Uber has changed their tone due to mounting pressure against them, and they have committed to a more open response in the coming year.

What Happens to the Accused?

Tony West, the chief legal officer at Uber, has talked about how one of the new safety features would be if customers or the police report a sexual assault, Uber will immediately block these drivers from having access to the driving app, after which an investigation will be conducted to determine further action.

Unfortunately, West didn’t elaborate on the details of their policy for criminal background checks, and he seemed to dodge some of the lawmakers’ questions about how Uber will even ensure that drivers have good records.

If you have been the victim of a criminal Uber driver, you should call Lalezary Law Firm today. Our award-winning law firm will provide you with a qualified Uber attorney who understands the intricacies of ridesharing laws, and they can help you to receive the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Our line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will come to you wherever you are to discuss your case with you face-to-face.

Limo Safety Tips

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Limos are vehicles for special, joyous occasions like proms and weddings. They can fit large parties and have a luxurious appeal. Some limo services include perks like alcohol, snacks, and even karaoke machines to keep the good times rolling.

Since limousines are associated with excitement and festivity, it’s all too easy to forget that they are susceptible to devastating accidents like any other vehicle. When renting a limo, don’t just look at budget and space, but take safety into consideration as well. Following the tips below will ensure that your night remains memorable for all the right reasons—and not because of tragedy.

Confirm that the Driver Is Licensed

Limousines don’t drive themselves, people do. This may seem like an obvious statement, but many people don’t research their limo drivers when renting a limo. Before choosing a limo company to go with, make sure that the driver possesses all the right qualifications. The ideal driver should be able to speak and understand the native language, and have a good driver record as well as a clean criminal record.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and express your concerns to the limousine driver and/or their company. You are putting your life and the lives of your guests in their hands, after all. If the limo driver and/or company refuses to give you the driver’s license or other important documentation upon request, move on to another limo service.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Whether you’re stepping into a classic sedan-style limo or a huge stretch Hummer, don’t forego your safety. Even the bulkiest limo isn’t invulnerable in a serious accident, so it’s best to account for the possibility by wearing your seatbelt. Also make sure that other passengers wear their seatbelts. While limousine accidents are uncommon, the unpredictable can happen and catch even veteran limousine drivers off guard.

Keep Noise Levels Low

It’s completely normal to be excited and have a good time with your fellow passengers while riding a limo. However, try to be considerate of your driver at the same time. Feel free to talk with your passengers; however, try not to converse with the driver as their duty is to focus on the road and get you to your destination safely. Also, watch your noise levels; it’s okay to be a little loud, but don’t be so noisy as to be disruptive. Save your energy for when you reach your party destination.

Know the Location of Safety Equipment, If Any

The difference between life and death after an accident can be a matter of minutes. Listen closely when the limousine driver goes over the rules and procedures in case of an emergency. Know where the first aid kit, fire extinguishers, hammers, and other safety equipment are located. Thinking about safety may not “jive” with your party mood, but it could very well save your life.

Contact an Experienced Limo Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a limo accident, you may be entitled to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in compensation. Since most limousines are operated by large companies, their policy limits are high. Have our experienced limo accident lawyers evaluate your case so we can guide you down the best avenues towards an optimal case outcome. Call us today for a free consultation.

What Not to Say to the Insurance Adjuster

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When a person is in a car accident in California, they will have to deal with the insurance company. Being contacted by an insurance adjuster is an eventuality. This interaction will have a major impact on how a person’s claim is handled. The goal of an insurance adjuster is to gather information from the claimant that can lead to a reduction or even denial of their claim.

There are things a person should never say to an insurance adjuster. A personal injury attorney will advise car accident victims that saying the wrong thing to an insurance adjuster can make it difficult to get the best possible result for their insurance claim.

I Think…

When asked about their accident, an accident victim should never simply provide an opinion. Should they not know the facts enough to answer a question, they should not answer it. An accident victim can expect to be asked one question in several different ways. The insurance adjuster is trying to get an answer that will justify a decrease in the settlement offer.

I’m Not Hurt

It is always a mistake for an accident victim to tell an insurance adjuster they’re not hurt. Injuries don’t always make themselves immediately apparent. This is because the initial response of a person’s body in an accident is to increase adrenaline, which can mask pain. When the adrenaline in a person’s body begins to decrease, injuries make themselves known. Almost always, it’s best to suppose that you’ve been hurt and seek medical attention. Doing otherwise may result in you losing out on much needed compensation for medical bills and other damages.

The Light Was Green

Insurance adjusters love to hear this statement. It implies that the victim did not look for all possible dangers before entering an intersection. They may try and say that the victim had a chance to avoid the collision if they would have just been more careful when entering the intersection.

It Was My Fault

A personal injury lawyer will always advise an accident victim to never make this statement. Immediately after an accident, they may not know all the details associated with their accident. This is a statement that should not be made to the other driver, witness, police officer and especially an insurance adjuster. When an accident victim apologizes for something, they’ve basically admitted guilt.

The Other Driver Must Have Been Speeding

This is another common statement that insurance adjusters love to hear from claimants. It can imply a lack of vigilance and good judgment. The adjuster may ask, if the other driver was speeding and got close enough to cause an accident, then why did the accident victim pull out? An insurance adjuster will try and show that the victim was at least partially at fault because they supposedly weren’t paying full attention to their surroundings.

My Damages Are Worth…

Most accident victims are unable to properly analyze their damages. They are not aware of all the costs associated with their accident. Economic as well non-economic damages are a consideration. Emotional distress, as well as loss of earning capacity and more, are a consideration. It can be a near-impossible challenge for any person without professional legal experience to properly calculate their damages. It’s best to leave that work to a qualified personal injury attorney.

I Never Saw the Other Driver

When an accident victim claims they never saw the other driver, an insurance adjuster will hear they were negligent. This is especially important to an insurance adjuster if a police report says the accident victim was not liable. In this situation, an insurance adjuster may be able to twist the accident victim’s words as an admission that they contributed to the accident.

General Rule of Thumb: Don’t Give Too Much Information

In short, the insurance adjuster is not your friend. When they interview an accident victim, they are looking for reasons to decrease a settlement amount. You should always be honest with your responses, but keep them curt and direct. Any extra, unnecessary details can be used against you.

Many car accident victims do not know or understand the insurance claims process. It is a situation where the services of a personal injury attorney are essential. A lack of insurance claims experience can cause an accident victim to say something that will harm their settlement. A personal injury attorney will know what an accident victim should say and, most importantly, what not to say to the insurance adjuster.

Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most?

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You never think you’re going to be in a car crash. Unfortunately, they happen every day—particularly when you least expect them.

Whether you’re traveling a long distance or just running around the corner to buy some milk, car accidents can happen at any time. They can be the result of human error, hazardous road conditions, or even mechanical defects.

However, there are some areas where accidents are more likely to happen. While you want to always be cautious while driving, you should exercise extra caution in these accident-prone areas.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

Your Own Neighborhood

Your neighborhood may be a safe place with minimal traffic, but that doesn’t mean an accident can’t happen when you’re just around the corner from home. In fact, car accidents are actually most likely to happen within five miles of your own home.

Drivers tend to get comfortable when they’re in their own neighborhoods. They drive faster and pay less attention to their surroundings. This can lead to more accidents.

Within your neighborhood, accidents usually are minor. They might involve backing into a driver because you weren’t paying attention when leaving your driveway, or sideswiping a parked car. While these usually aren’t as serious as a head-on collision, they can still lead to significant injuries and associated expenses.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are another area where you may not think a car accident can occur. However, with so many vehicles moving around, it’s common for cars to bump into one another. If you’re not paying close attention to who is moving around you, you may find yourself in a fender bender.

Parking lots can also be dangerous for pedestrians. In addition to cars moving throughout, people are walking to and from stores, sometimes even getting hit by drivers who back out without checking to see if anybody’s behind them.

Like accidents in your neighborhood, these collisions may seem minor. However, parking lot accidents can potentially result in expensive repair jobs, not to mention debilitating neck and back injuries.

Intersections and Traffic Lights

It may not be surprising that intersections and traffic lights are on this list. Just one careless mistake, such as a driver not paying attention and running a red light or a driver slamming on their brakes, can lead to a devastating collision.

Tricky intersections or hidden stop signs can cause additional problems. Yellow lights can cause indecision and confusion for some drivers, leading to careless mistakes and accidents. Busy streets can also contribute to more accidents.

Usually, accidents that occur at intersections can be much more serious than those in parking lots or your neighborhood. T-bone accidents are among the worst types of car accidents in terms of damages.

Rural Highways

Rural highways are more prone to car accidents than traditional highways. While there are fewer cars on the road, the likelihood that a driver will take their eye off the road or get distracted is higher.

Rural highways are also less maintained than traditional highways. Rocks may fly up and hit your windshield or your car may slip on some loose gravel, causing you to lose control of your vehicle.

With twists and turns and poorly maintained roads, it isn’t uncommon to run into a tree or have a head-on collision on a rural highway because you couldn’t see a driver coming around a bend.

In Rush Hour Traffic

When people are trying to leave work and get home, just about any street becomes prone to car accidents. During the afterwork commute, drivers are often mulling over stressful events that occurred during their workday or feeling eager to go home and relax—meaning their mind is elsewhere.

The same applies to morning traffic. When drivers are rushing to get to work on time or multi-tasking while driving, it leaves them distracted and prone to causing an accident.

Even if you’re sitting in stop-and-go traffic, accidents are likely to occur. If a driver isn’t paying attention, they may rear-end another driver. When traffic is especially tight, this can lead to a multiple-car collision.

Regardless of where your accident happened, you’ll want to ensure that it’s properly taken care of. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver, you’ll want to contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

A car accident attorney can help you get the compensation you need to cover medical bills, vehicle repair expenses, and other damages like pain and suffering. They can also help you collect the evidence you need to prove the accident was not your fault. While your claim is being taken care of by your car accident attorney, you can focus on your recovery.

Car Insurance Company Tricks

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Insurance companies are supposed to do what is right. However, it is best for you to contact a car accident attorney in Los Angeles if you have been involved in an accident. There are a variety of tricks that insurance companies use to try to undercompensate you.

They Say That They Will Accept Liability

An insurance company may say that they are going to give you compensation for your damages, but that doesn’t mean they will give you full and fair compensation. They may tell you to get the treatment that you need. The reason that they do this is because they know that you will end up paying most of the bill. That is why you need the help of a car accident attorney in Los Angeles.

They Try to Get You to Settle Quickly

The general rule of thumb is to always consult with an attorney before you accept a settlement, especially if significant damages are involved. The first settlement that you get from an insurance company will probably not be a fair one. Insurance companies want you to settle before you realize the true costs of your accident. If you settle early and later find out that you have to pay for more treatment, beyond the value of your settlement, then there really is not anything that you can do.

They Request Information That Is Unnecessary

Insurance companies often take advantage of people by requesting unnecessary information. They may tell you that you need to provide more information, or else, your claim won’t go through otherwise. This is usually a ploy to get you caught up in chasing paperwork rather than focusing on winning your claim. Every insurance expert knows that the longer you delay your claim, the weaker it gets.

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer can take care of the paperwork and expedite the claims process so you can get the full and fair compensation you deserve without unnecessary delays.

They Blame Preexisting Injuries for Your Condition

The insurance company may try to get you to sign a form that allows them to look at your medical records. Their purpose is to find information about any preexisting injuries that they can use to devalue your claim or deny it altogether. Even if you had preexisting injuries prior to your accident, that doesn’t preclude you from pursuing compensation for your current injuries. In fact, you may be entitled to a higher settlement if the accident exacerbated your preexisting injuries, turning them into a serious debilitation.

They Use Statements Against You

The insurance company may tell you that they cannot proceed if you do not make a statement. However, they may attempt to use a statement against you. They may take your statement before all of the facts about the accident come out. Not only will they try to undercompensate you, but they may also attempt to deny your claim. You do not want to make a statement without speaking to an attorney first.

They Give a Deadline for Accepting Settlements

The insurance company may tell you that you have a deadline for accepting the settlement. However, they do this so that you will not have time to calculate your losses. This point cannot be emphasized enough: never settle when there are serious injuries involved without speaking to an attorney first.

They Will Tell You That You Don’t Need an Attorney

Insurance companies may tell you that there is no need for you to hire a car accident attorney. They may tell you that you are getting fair compensation. The reason they will try to convince you that an attorney is not necessary is because they know that they cannot pull those tactics if you have an attorney by your side.

How Fault Is Determined in a Car Accident

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Fault is central to all auto accident cases in California. While some accidents are obviously the fault of one particular driver, many others actually involve shared fault to some degree even when there are only two vehicles in a collision. The most important aspect of fault is that it determines the amount of insurance benefits available to those involved based on their personal contribution to causing the accident, with total benefits available through litigation being discounted by the assigned comparative negligence of each driver.

The problem is that this is by no means a scientific process, and it is always the most intense component of an accident settlement negotiation when insurance companies think they can reduce the settlement amount by contesting in court that the injured claimant is largely responsible for their own injuries. This is also when it is vital to have an experienced California car accident attorney representing your case who understands how to craft a case for maximum settlement value.

Official Accident Investigation

All auto collisions will typically be investigated by the local law enforcement officials unless damages are minor and both parties can drive away from the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, full stop.

Upon arrival, police officers will conduct an investigation, including interviewing all involved parties if they are not seriously injured. Serious accidents can be difficult to unravel when all accounts cannot be ascertained, and a police report may not be readily available immediately following a crash. The official accident investigation will commonly contain specific information regarding:

  • Witness Statements
  • Damage Assessment
  • Traffic Citations
  • Names of All Involved Individuals
  • Pictures

The official accident report does not indicate who was actually at fault unless a driver makes an admission. Admitting fault for an accident to a police officer or other party is never a good decision because evidence may always tell a different story later and you always should let the facts speak for themselves rather than saying something you might regret later.

Independent Accident Investigations

When an auto accident results in serious damages, insurance companies often employ their own crack squad of investigators and adjusters to mitigate payouts for the sake of their bottom line. Defendants such as trucking companies can also conduct independent investigations apart from those conducted by officers and accident reconstruction specialists, often attempting to influence the state evaluation.

Both trucking companies and their insurers are always aggressive in defending claims even when commercial vehicles cause accidents with obvious issues of company driver negligence. In addition, determination of fault in multi-car collisions can be even more complicated because each victim will have a legal team and an insurer also, with each of them potentially having opposing, contradictory accounts.

Jury Assignment of Fault

Accident cases that go to litigation are almost always centered around fault or gross negligence. The lower the comparative negligence rating for a defendant, the lower the final settlement awards will be if the defendant insurance company is not found to be acting in bad faith. The jury can use all evidence in the case from all parties in addition to the official accident report from the police officer investigation when making a final determination of the comparative negligence percentage for each driver. This is then used to calculate a final award, including punitive damages in gross negligence cases.

Contact California Car Accident Attorney Lalezary Law Firm

Never let an insurance provider or a contending negligent party deny you the full and fair monetary compensation you deserve. Always retain an experienced and aggressive car accident law firm like the legal professionals at Lalezary Law Firm who have a long track record of success. The attorney you call can make a major difference. We are THE difference maker in California when it comes to negotiating and litigation car accident claims.

Are Taxis Safer than Uber?

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The so-called rideshare business model being used by Uber and other companies has introduced several new considerations in the legal industry regarding compensation for injuries following a crash when catching a ride with an Uber affiliate driver or a “driverless” vehicle. As the saying goes, the future is now. If the point couldn’t be made clearer, there is actually a case in the court system now regarding a pedestrian who was fatally hit by an autonomous Uber vehicle.

With new industries come new safety issues. And for those who regularly use Uber as a mode of transportation, it is always good to be prepared for the worst by having a reliable Uber accident lawyer you can call in case of an emergency because time can be crucial when accidents occur and evidence can fade fast.

Traditional Taxi Safety

The traditional taxi service has been a successful business model ever since the invention of the automobile, especially in dense urban areas. Many people who live in cities see no need to own a vehicle because taxis have been reasonably dependable. Of course, accidents do occur and passengers sometimes get injured, but there are clear regulations in place to ensure that victims get the compensation they are entitled to.

The traditional employment relationship means the company is ultimately responsible for any accidents caused by their employees because they are using certified drivers in accordance with the law. In this respect, traditional taxis may be safer than Ubers because of industry regulations and certification requirements.

Unqualified Drivers

Aside from the technological advances that rideshare companies may intend to implement, Uber actually began with a contracted driver business model that lets Uber serve, through online software communication, as a clearing house for those wanting a ride in any particular location where verified drivers are operating.

However, this too has shown to be problematic because of the behavior of some Uber drivers who may be reckless or even criminal; there have been reports of drivers attacking or sexually assaulting passengers. This means there could be even more ongoing safety concerns than merely being involved in an accident when drivers are not fully vetted before becoming a contracted associate.

Employment Model

The contracted driver model can also be problematic when an accident case is being settled due to questions of liability. The business relationship between Uber and the drivers could be claimed by the company as an exemption from associated fault for any accident because Uber drivers have the option to refuse pickups if they wish, making them “independent” contractors.

The decision on liability could ultimately come down to the nature of the employment relationship and command structure. According to precedent established in a case where a six-year-old girl was killed by an Uber driver, Uber is expected to provide insurance coverage in accident cases where the driver had the app on. Of course, claims can still be contested.

The Insurance Gap

Taxis would’ve remained the smarter choice for on-demand transportation than an Uber had the state of California not addressed the insurance coverage gap in 2015. Drivers are now required to carry a minimum of $50,000 per one bodily injury, with the parent rideshare company being required to maintain an additional $200,000. Uber even increased the company liability insurance requirement for driver in an effort to further insulate the company. This means that passengers in rideshare accident situations are now protected without the problems that were initially experienced when standard insurance rules were applied. This is a solid step in the right direction.

However, it does not mean that fault will not be an issue in any Uber crash, especially when self-driving cars become mainstream. Each case is still unique in some aspect and often complicated when multiple vehicles or pedestrians are involved. Having an experienced Uber accident attorney is essential if you want maximum compensation for your damages.

Contact an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Never attempt handling an Uber accident injury case personally, especially if serious injuries are involved. This is an emerging field of law that should always include assistance from an Uber accident attorney like the legal professionals at Lalezary Law Firm who have a proven track record of results for their Uber accident victim clients.

Reporting Dangerous Lyft Drivers

While ridesharing is generally a safe form of transportation, there are reports in California of Uber and Lyft drivers getting involved in injurious and sometimes even fatal accidents. If you see a Lyft or Uber driving in an unsafe manner, you should report it immediately, for not only your own personal safety but also that of others.
lyft accident lawyers
You can be severely hurt or killed by a ridesharing driver. It is imperative that they are kept off the road. If you are involved in a ridesharing accident caused by an irresponsible Lyft or Uber driver, you should seek out a California Lyft accident attorney to preserve your rights. Lalezary Law Firm is a Beverly Hills law firm that helps individuals who have been injured by rideshare drivers. Our California Lyft accident attorneys have years of experience dealing with rideshare accident cases. They will help you recover every penny you deserve.

How to Spot a Dangerous Rideshare Driver

There are some key signs to look for if you believe your driver may be driving under the influence or otherwise operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner. Uber and Lyft drivers are required by law to be alert and not to do anything untoward that would harm the passenger. Unfortunately, there are some drivers who do things that could result in accidents and injuries such as:

  • Reckless driving: If the driver is operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner such as swerving, slamming on the brakes, or exhibiting signs of road rage, it should be reported. You should remain calm and simply ask to be let out at a stop, preferably a public area. You should report the incident to Uber or Lyft and to the police as well.
  • Asking inappropriate questions: Uber and Lyft drivers often engage in small talk when they drive. If an Uber driver begins to ask questions of a personal nature or say things that are inappropriate, ask them to stop. You should also file a complaint with the rideshare company.
  • Failure to follow Uber or Lyft regulations: If you feel that the driver is not following the rules and regulations as set by the company, they should be reported. It can be a number of things like a vehicle in bad condition, speeding, or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Rideshare drivers are required to behave in a professional manner at all times. They are forbidden to say anything inappropriate or put their hands on you or engage in any behavior that you find threatening. They are also responsible for operating the vehicle in a safe manner.

If you are a victim of a rideshare driver, you need to see a Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles. They fully understand the California state laws regarding ridesharing. These types of accidents can have serious repercussions. People have suffered severe injuries in Uber and Lyft accidents. Broken bones, traumatic brain injury, cuts and abrasions and spinal cord injuries are not uncommon.

A good Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles will help you receive fair compensation for your time off from work, medical bills, pain and suffering. You have a right to receive the money you are owed. The experienced and professional lawyers at Lalezary Law Firm can help you. We will handle your case in a professional and ethical manner. Give us a call today at (888) 778-8888. We provide free, no obligation consultations. And you only pay if we win.

The Commuter Cyclist’s Survival Kit

California leads the nation in commuter cyclists on the road. This fact isn’t a surprise as residents in The Golden State value healthy choices over sedentary lifestyles. One problem with this is personal safety.
bicycle accident lawyer near me
Commuter cycling poses a serious health risk: collisions with vehicles. Commuter cyclists have seen their fair share of close calls riding on metro roadways. Typically, auto and bicycle collisions occur due to negligence of the driver.

The driver defends him or herself by accusing the cyclist of negligent cycling. They will allege they didn’t see the cyclist because he or she wasn’t visible.

It’s a legitimate defense that may have merit in the eyes of some judges and jurors. As bicycle accident attorneys, it is our goal to prevent this type of defense from prevailing in a court room.

The best thing you can do is make yourself visible and formidable to motorists. Newer technologies and concepts support these goals. We have scoured the marketplace for the best in safety tools and gear. We have selected the following six items which every commuter’s cyclist survival kit should contain.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Recommended Safety Survival Kit

1. Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

Turn signal cycling gloves work two-fold. First, they provide the necessary grip that your hands require for general riding. Plus, they come with an arrow that flashes on the back of your hand, a lot like a blinker on a car. It’s pretty hard for the offending driver to argue that they didn’t see you signal.

2. Bicycle Lighting System

Outfitting your bike with a solid lighting system is important. Under California Vehicle Code §21201, it’s the law. If visibility is low, you don’t have a good excuse for riding without the use of lights. So, instead of strapping on some basic bike lamps, you should use a whole lighting system. Modern bike lights can be applied to wheels, clothing, handlebars, front and rear forks, helmets, and pedals. Lighting yourself as bright as a Christmas tree makes it hard for a driver to claim that they “couldn’t see you.”

3. Rear-View Radar

This tool is one of our safety favorites. A rear-view radar warns you of vehicles within 10 feet behind you by sounding an alarm and illuminating. You will know the moment you need to move off the roadway and head to safety. Plus, its memory function may help prove the driver was behind you prior to impact.

4. High-Decibel Bike Horn

Ditch the childhood bell. A regular commuter needs a robust horn that alerts drivers to your presence right away. As bicycle accident attorneys, we suggest finding a horn that has a sound volume between 90 and 100 decibels.

5. GPS Handle Band

A handle band is a device that you place on your handlebars. It clips to the middle of your front fork and is designed to hold your smartphone in place. Its intended use is for hands-free GPS navigation. Ergo, no one can accuse you of negligent cycling.

6. Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are amazing because they are great for all lighting and weather types. They work to enhance your view and reduce glare. Bicycle accident lawyers agree that you should carry three sets of lenses: dark, yellow, and clear. Dark lenses enhance vision in bright light. Yellow works great for low visibility day light. Clear lenses are perfect for keeping your eyes protected at night.

The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe as a commuter is to outfit yourself with the right gear. Exact rules don’t exist in life and the law. If you do find yourself in a crash with an auto, consult with an experienced bicycle accident attorney.