How Fault Is Determined in a Car Accident

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Fault is central to all auto accident cases in California. While some accidents are obviously the fault of one particular driver, many others actually involve shared fault to some degree even when there are only two vehicles in a collision. The most important aspect of fault is that it determines the amount of insurance benefits available to those involved based on their personal contribution to causing the accident, with total benefits available through litigation being discounted by the assigned comparative negligence of each driver.

The problem is that this is by no means a scientific process, and it is always the most intense component of an accident settlement negotiation when insurance companies think they can reduce the settlement amount by contesting in court that the injured claimant is largely responsible for their own injuries. This is also when it is vital to have an experienced California car accident attorney representing your case who understands how to craft a case for maximum settlement value.

Official Accident Investigation

All auto collisions will typically be investigated by the local law enforcement officials unless damages are minor and both parties can drive away from the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, full stop.

Upon arrival, police officers will conduct an investigation, including interviewing all involved parties if they are not seriously injured. Serious accidents can be difficult to unravel when all accounts cannot be ascertained, and a police report may not be readily available immediately following a crash. The official accident investigation will commonly contain specific information regarding:

  • Witness Statements
  • Damage Assessment
  • Traffic Citations
  • Names of All Involved Individuals
  • Pictures

The official accident report does not indicate who was actually at fault unless a driver makes an admission. Admitting fault for an accident to a police officer or other party is never a good decision because evidence may always tell a different story later and you always should let the facts speak for themselves rather than saying something you might regret later.

Independent Accident Investigations

When an auto accident results in serious damages, insurance companies often employ their own crack squad of investigators and adjusters to mitigate payouts for the sake of their bottom line. Defendants such as trucking companies can also conduct independent investigations apart from those conducted by officers and accident reconstruction specialists, often attempting to influence the state evaluation.

Both trucking companies and their insurers are always aggressive in defending claims even when commercial vehicles cause accidents with obvious issues of company driver negligence. In addition, determination of fault in multi-car collisions can be even more complicated because each victim will have a legal team and an insurer also, with each of them potentially having opposing, contradictory accounts.

Jury Assignment of Fault

Accident cases that go to litigation are almost always centered around fault or gross negligence. The lower the comparative negligence rating for a defendant, the lower the final settlement awards will be if the defendant insurance company is not found to be acting in bad faith. The jury can use all evidence in the case from all parties in addition to the official accident report from the police officer investigation when making a final determination of the comparative negligence percentage for each driver. This is then used to calculate a final award, including punitive damages in gross negligence cases.

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Never let an insurance provider or a contending negligent party deny you the full and fair monetary compensation you deserve. Always retain an experienced and aggressive car accident law firm like the legal professionals at Lalezary Law Firm who have a long track record of success. The attorney you call can make a major difference. We are THE difference maker in California when it comes to negotiating and litigation car accident claims.

Are Taxis Safer than Uber?

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The so-called rideshare business model being used by Uber and other companies has introduced several new considerations in the legal industry regarding compensation for injuries following a crash when catching a ride with an Uber affiliate driver or a “driverless” vehicle. As the saying goes, the future is now. If the point couldn’t be made clearer, there is actually a case in the court system now regarding a pedestrian who was fatally hit by an autonomous Uber vehicle.

With new industries come new safety issues. And for those who regularly use Uber as a mode of transportation, it is always good to be prepared for the worst by having a reliable Uber accident lawyer you can call in case of an emergency because time can be crucial when accidents occur and evidence can fade fast.

Traditional Taxi Safety

The traditional taxi service has been a successful business model ever since the invention of the automobile, especially in dense urban areas. Many people who live in cities see no need to own a vehicle because taxis have been reasonably dependable. Of course, accidents do occur and passengers sometimes get injured, but there are clear regulations in place to ensure that victims get the compensation they are entitled to.

The traditional employment relationship means the company is ultimately responsible for any accidents caused by their employees because they are using certified drivers in accordance with the law. In this respect, traditional taxis may be safer than Ubers because of industry regulations and certification requirements.

Unqualified Drivers

Aside from the technological advances that rideshare companies may intend to implement, Uber actually began with a contracted driver business model that lets Uber serve, through online software communication, as a clearing house for those wanting a ride in any particular location where verified drivers are operating.

However, this too has shown to be problematic because of the behavior of some Uber drivers who may be reckless or even criminal; there have been reports of drivers attacking or sexually assaulting passengers. This means there could be even more ongoing safety concerns than merely being involved in an accident when drivers are not fully vetted before becoming a contracted associate.

Employment Model

The contracted driver model can also be problematic when an accident case is being settled due to questions of liability. The business relationship between Uber and the drivers could be claimed by the company as an exemption from associated fault for any accident because Uber drivers have the option to refuse pickups if they wish, making them “independent” contractors.

The decision on liability could ultimately come down to the nature of the employment relationship and command structure. According to precedent established in a case where a six-year-old girl was killed by an Uber driver, Uber is expected to provide insurance coverage in accident cases where the driver had the app on. Of course, claims can still be contested.

The Insurance Gap

Taxis would’ve remained the smarter choice for on-demand transportation than an Uber had the state of California not addressed the insurance coverage gap in 2015. Drivers are now required to carry a minimum of $50,000 per one bodily injury, with the parent rideshare company being required to maintain an additional $200,000. Uber even increased the company liability insurance requirement for driver in an effort to further insulate the company. This means that passengers in rideshare accident situations are now protected without the problems that were initially experienced when standard insurance rules were applied. This is a solid step in the right direction.

However, it does not mean that fault will not be an issue in any Uber crash, especially when self-driving cars become mainstream. Each case is still unique in some aspect and often complicated when multiple vehicles or pedestrians are involved. Having an experienced Uber accident attorney is essential if you want maximum compensation for your damages.

Contact an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Never attempt handling an Uber accident injury case personally, especially if serious injuries are involved. This is an emerging field of law that should always include assistance from an Uber accident attorney like the legal professionals at Lalezary Law Firm who have a proven track record of results for their Uber accident victim clients.

Reporting Dangerous Lyft Drivers

While ridesharing is generally a safe form of transportation, there are reports in California of Uber and Lyft drivers getting involved in injurious and sometimes even fatal accidents. If you see a Lyft or Uber driving in an unsafe manner, you should report it immediately, for not only your own personal safety but also that of others.
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You can be severely hurt or killed by a ridesharing driver. It is imperative that they are kept off the road. If you are involved in a ridesharing accident caused by an irresponsible Lyft or Uber driver, you should seek out a California Lyft accident attorney to preserve your rights. Lalezary Law Firm is a Beverly Hills law firm that helps individuals who have been injured by rideshare drivers. Our California Lyft accident attorneys have years of experience dealing with rideshare accident cases. They will help you recover every penny you deserve.

How to Spot a Dangerous Rideshare Driver

There are some key signs to look for if you believe your driver may be driving under the influence or otherwise operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner. Uber and Lyft drivers are required by law to be alert and not to do anything untoward that would harm the passenger. Unfortunately, there are some drivers who do things that could result in accidents and injuries such as:

  • Reckless driving: If the driver is operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner such as swerving, slamming on the brakes, or exhibiting signs of road rage, it should be reported. You should remain calm and simply ask to be let out at a stop, preferably a public area. You should report the incident to Uber or Lyft and to the police as well.
  • Asking inappropriate questions: Uber and Lyft drivers often engage in small talk when they drive. If an Uber driver begins to ask questions of a personal nature or say things that are inappropriate, ask them to stop. You should also file a complaint with the rideshare company.
  • Failure to follow Uber or Lyft regulations: If you feel that the driver is not following the rules and regulations as set by the company, they should be reported. It can be a number of things like a vehicle in bad condition, speeding, or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Rideshare drivers are required to behave in a professional manner at all times. They are forbidden to say anything inappropriate or put their hands on you or engage in any behavior that you find threatening. They are also responsible for operating the vehicle in a safe manner.

If you are a victim of a rideshare driver, you need to see a Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles. They fully understand the California state laws regarding ridesharing. These types of accidents can have serious repercussions. People have suffered severe injuries in Uber and Lyft accidents. Broken bones, traumatic brain injury, cuts and abrasions and spinal cord injuries are not uncommon.

A good Lyft accident lawyer in Los Angeles will help you receive fair compensation for your time off from work, medical bills, pain and suffering. You have a right to receive the money you are owed. The experienced and professional lawyers at Lalezary Law Firm can help you. We will handle your case in a professional and ethical manner. Give us a call today at (888) 778-8888. We provide free, no obligation consultations. And you only pay if we win.

The Commuter Cyclist’s Survival Kit

California leads the nation in commuter cyclists on the road. This fact isn’t a surprise as residents in The Golden State value healthy choices over sedentary lifestyles. One problem with this is personal safety.
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Commuter cycling poses a serious health risk: collisions with vehicles. Commuter cyclists have seen their fair share of close calls riding on metro roadways. Typically, auto and bicycle collisions occur due to negligence of the driver.

The driver defends him or herself by accusing the cyclist of negligent cycling. They will allege they didn’t see the cyclist because he or she wasn’t visible.

It’s a legitimate defense that may have merit in the eyes of some judges and jurors. As bicycle accident attorneys, it is our goal to prevent this type of defense from prevailing in a court room.

The best thing you can do is make yourself visible and formidable to motorists. Newer technologies and concepts support these goals. We have scoured the marketplace for the best in safety tools and gear. We have selected the following six items which every commuter’s cyclist survival kit should contain.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Recommended Safety Survival Kit

1. Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

Turn signal cycling gloves work two-fold. First, they provide the necessary grip that your hands require for general riding. Plus, they come with an arrow that flashes on the back of your hand, a lot like a blinker on a car. It’s pretty hard for the offending driver to argue that they didn’t see you signal.

2. Bicycle Lighting System

Outfitting your bike with a solid lighting system is important. Under California Vehicle Code §21201, it’s the law. If visibility is low, you don’t have a good excuse for riding without the use of lights. So, instead of strapping on some basic bike lamps, you should use a whole lighting system. Modern bike lights can be applied to wheels, clothing, handlebars, front and rear forks, helmets, and pedals. Lighting yourself as bright as a Christmas tree makes it hard for a driver to claim that they “couldn’t see you.”

3. Rear-View Radar

This tool is one of our safety favorites. A rear-view radar warns you of vehicles within 10 feet behind you by sounding an alarm and illuminating. You will know the moment you need to move off the roadway and head to safety. Plus, its memory function may help prove the driver was behind you prior to impact.

4. High-Decibel Bike Horn

Ditch the childhood bell. A regular commuter needs a robust horn that alerts drivers to your presence right away. As bicycle accident attorneys, we suggest finding a horn that has a sound volume between 90 and 100 decibels.

5. GPS Handle Band

A handle band is a device that you place on your handlebars. It clips to the middle of your front fork and is designed to hold your smartphone in place. Its intended use is for hands-free GPS navigation. Ergo, no one can accuse you of negligent cycling.

6. Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are amazing because they are great for all lighting and weather types. They work to enhance your view and reduce glare. Bicycle accident lawyers agree that you should carry three sets of lenses: dark, yellow, and clear. Dark lenses enhance vision in bright light. Yellow works great for low visibility day light. Clear lenses are perfect for keeping your eyes protected at night.

The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe as a commuter is to outfit yourself with the right gear. Exact rules don’t exist in life and the law. If you do find yourself in a crash with an auto, consult with an experienced bicycle accident attorney.

A Quick Guide to Maximizing Your Car Accident Settlement

No matter how careful you are on California roadways, you cannot predict the actions of fellow drivers. While many people know what to do immediately following a car accident, few are familiar with the process of settling a car accident claim. This article will explain the right way to settle a car accident claim with an insurance company.
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Talk to the Claims Adjuster

In many cases, the first person you speak with will be a claims adjuster from your insurance company. During your conversation, they will gather information about the accident that may be used during the claims process. Topics may include:

  1. Basic information about the other driver such as their name, vehicle specs and insurance info.
  2. Details about when, where and how the accident took place.
  3. Names of any witnesses from the scene of the accident.
  4. Information about your vehicle including its current location and where the vehicle is damaged.
  5. Any injuries sustained by either party during the accident.

The best way to ensure that you are prepared to answer these questions is by gathering as much information as possible immediately following the accident. Photographs taken with a smartphone or other camera-enabled device can be very helpful during the claims process. Once your insurance company has gathered all the information they need, they can attempt to settle your claim for damages with the other driver’s insurance company.

Processing the Claim

When working with a claims adjuster, it is important to keep in mind that their ultimate goal is to protect the interests of the insurance company. These companies stay profitable by paying as little as possible on damage claims just like yours. A California car accident attorney can ensure that your claim is handled quickly and fairly.

In an attempt to pay the lowest possible amount for your claim, the insurance company may make one of the following arguments:

  • You contributed to or were at fault for the accident.
  • You failed to provide sufficient documentation to support your claim.

If an insurance company attempts to argue with you over the amount that should be paid for your damage claim, your next call should be to a California car accident attorney like Lalezary Law Firm. Car accident law firms specialize in handling vehicle accident and personal injury cases just like yours. They can work directly with the insurer to ensure you get the settlement you are entitled to.

Collecting Damages

You may be surprised to learn that there are many different types of damages that can be collected after a car accident. These damages include:

  1. Damage to your vehicle
  2. Car rentals. The majority of insurance companies reimburse expenses related to car rentals while your vehicle is being repaired.
  3. Damages to personal property. This may include items that were in the vehicle and became damaged as the result of the accident. It may also include external fixtures like bike carriers if they become damaged during the accident.
  4. Out-of-pocket expenses. This includes things like a taxi fare home from the scene of the accident.

The settlement you are offered will depend on any information or documentation you provide. This means that if you do not document the expenses that you claim to have paid out-of-pocket, the insurer may assert that you are not entitled to compensation for that part of your claim.

One of the benefits of working with a car accident law firm on your claim is that they understand how insurance companies work. They know that litigation is an expensive and time-consuming process. It is much more cost-effective to pay a fair settlement amount than to incur the fees associated with retaining legal counsel to fight your claim.

Dealing with Accident-Related Injuries

If you sustained injuries during or as a result of the car accident, the settlement process may become even more complicated. In addition to the other damages outlined in the section above, you may also be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Even if you feel confident that you can successfully negotiate a settlement for damages to your vehicle and property, you may still want to seek the advice of an experienced California car accident attorney. They can review the details of your case and ensure that the insurance company offers you a fair settlement.

The process of settling a car insurance claim can seem intimidating at first, but it does not have to be. At Lalezary Law Firm, we have years of experience working with insurance companies just like yours to ensure a fair settlement claim is reached. Our seasoned attorneys work tirelessly to protect your interests and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Are Bird Scooters a Public Nuisance?

If you live in the state of California, you’ve probably seen your share of Bird scooters. You can rent one of these handy scooters for less than you would spend on a cup of Starbucks coffee. All you need to rent one is a valid driver’s license. Once you have done so, you can use your scooter to zip all across town.
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When you are done traveling for the day, you simply return the scooter to an authorized collection spot. Or, at least, this is the theory. As it turns out, a lot of people—including the people who make up the city government of Santa Monica—are less than impressed with the liberties that Bird scooter users are taking throughout the city.

Are Bird Scooters Nothing More than a Major Public Nuisance?

There are many complaints that have been filed against Bird Rides, Inc., the company behind these motorized scooters. The city governments of Santa Monica and San Francisco have both filed grievances against the company and its founder, Travis Van Zander. For example, one of the major complaints against bird scooters seems to be that they are notorious for obstructing walkways, sidewalks, and store entrances.

A number of cases have been cited where Bird scooters have been left on the side of a road, causing serious obstructions to both passenger and vehicle traffic. Other cases have been noted where these scooters were simply left on the sidewalk in front of stores or even left on the front yards of home owners. As a result, many people feel like Bird scooter users are little more than litterbugs on borrowed wheels.

Could Using a Bird Scooter Put You or Someone Else in Danger?

There may be other, more troubling matters to consider when contemplating whether or not to make use of a Bird scooter. While most people are at least able to handle the basics of riding a motorized scooter, there are always a few who don’t quite know what they are doing once they are on one.

Add to that the number of people who may experience the urge to goof off on a scooter, and you may have yourself a serious safety problem. While the chances of getting killed on a small framed, low speed scooter may seem small, just imagine what would happen to this vehicle if it were to collide with a full-sized truck or SUV.

What Should You Do if You Are Involved in a Bird Scooter Accident?

Colliding with an automobile while riding on a Bird scooter is nothing to sneeze at. Likewise, it’s not a good idea to simply drive off if you hit someone on a scooter. These are matters that will require the attention of a legal professional.

If you find yourself involved in a collision with a Bird scooter, you need to take action immediately. If you received injuries as a result of this accident, you should contact a Bird scooter attorney immediately. This is the ally you need to have in court with you when you make your case to the judge.

The last thing you want to do is go it alone in a serious court case like this one. Proving that your injuries came as the result of an accident involving a Bird scooter is much easier to do when you have professional legal counsel to back you up. For this very reason, it’s an excellent idea to get in touch with a Bird scooter accident lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

What Can a Bird Scooter Attorney Do to Help You Win Your Case?

Did you recently receive a settlement offer from your insurance company that you felt was less than properly generous? If so, you don’t need to take this snub as your final answer. There are a number of very important things that a Bird scooter attorney can do to help you get the proper settlement that you need to pay your bills and regain your quality of life.

The best thing you can do under the circumstances is to get in touch with a Bird scooter accident lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible. You can visit our website in order to get all of our contact info. All you have to do is contact us to arrange for an initial consultation. During this consultation, we will meet with you to determine how to best go forward with your case.

The time is now for you to get the justice you deserve. Feel free to contact a Bird scooter accident lawyer in Los Angeles to learn more about what can be done to help you win your case. The full settlement that you need to cover your bills is only a phone call away.

Signs of a Dangerous Dog

The state of California has specific rules regarding pets and what happens when they injure people. The state has a specific set of laws that handle dog bites. Therefore, it’s important for pet owners and non-pet owners to be able to recognize the signs of a dangerous dog. If they know the signs, then they can take steps to prevent injuries to other people and thus prevent personal injury suits.
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The following is some information about dangerous dogs, bite incidents and how a person can recognize the signs of an impending attack. You can review them and then take action to avoid having to call a dog bite attorney.

California Dog Bite Law

California is quite clear about how it assigns liability when dogs bite people. It holds the dog owner responsible for the injuries that an aggressive dog causes to a person when he bites that person. The only exception to the rule is when the dog is a police animal, and he bites a person who is involved in criminal activity. Military animals who attack in their course of duty fall into the same category. Otherwise, the state will require the pet owner to pay for the victim’s damages. A dog bite lawyer is someone who can help a victim like that collect his or her compensation for the injuries.

Six Signs of a Dangerous Dog

The following are some of the most common sign of a dangerous dog. Beware and take special care of yourself if you notice such behaviors:


A growl is usually a sign of aggression in a dog no matter what the circumstances are. If you hear growling, it usually means that a dog is either angry or scared and he may attack whoever is making him feel that way if provoked further.


Excessive barking can be a sign of an aggressive dog, though barking is not always necessarily an aggressive gesture. Dogs generally bark because it gives them pleasure to do so, but if a dog is allowed to bark excessively without being controlled, it may lead to aggression. A person who comes across dog that is barking excessively should assume that the dog is aggressive for the sake of their own safety.


Freezing, also known as posturing and posing, occurs when a dog gets close to a person and then freezes in that spot and stares. It’s usually not a good sign, and it indicates that the dog is probably going to lunge out of that stance and bite whoever is in its path.


Lunging is jumping forward at an object or a person in an aggressive fashion. Barking and growling may come before, after and during a lunging episode. Biting may also come along with it, as well.

Teeth Clenching

Teeth clenching or exposure is a sign of aggression. Many dogs show their teeth, or they clench them when they are getting ready to fight another dog. They may do this with a person, as well, and it’s a sign of an impending attack.

Direct Eye Contact

Any direct eye contact from a dog that occurs when a person is not speaking to the dog could be a sign of an upcoming attack. The dog may interpret the stare as a challenge and start attacking.

How to Prevent Dog Bites

If you are around a dog who is exhibiting any of the above behaviors, you will need to remove yourself from the dangerous situation as quickly as possible. It may be a good idea for you to leave the premises that you’re at. Try to back away from the situation slowly so that you do not upset the animal. If the owner is reasonable, you can try to talk to him about making sure that he contains or restrains his pet.

If you’re a pet owner, you should react by keeping your dog leashed so that it cannot harm another person even if it wants to do so. You should pay close attention if the dog has exhibited any aggressive behaviors in the past.

Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been attacked by a dangerous dog, you must contact a dog bite attorney as quickly as possible. You’ll be invited to a consultation during which you can tell the attorney what happened to you. He will let you know if you have a case, and then you can decide if you would like him to help you win the monetary compensation that you deserve for your trouble. The efforts can immediately begin if you decide to trust this person to watch out for you. You may be surprised at how rapidly you can get the funds that you deserve.

The Benefits of Grief Counseling After a Sudden Death

Few situations in life are as shocking or upsetting as the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one. If you’ve recently lost someone, you’re probably experiencing one of the five stages of grief right now. These stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
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All of the stages of grief can be difficult, including the final stage of acceptance, but grief shouldn’t be rushed or repressed. In fact, grief can be a transformative experience. Nothing will completely stop the pain, but most people don’t realize they can still live a fulfilling life with it, though it is very much possible.

When the Sadness Doesn’t Fade: Reasons to See a Grief Counselor

It’s possible that you don’t have anyone to talk with about your loss. You’re working with a wrongful death attorney, but they don’t have the time or the training to guide you through every moment of grief. Your friends and family members do their best, but sometimes you feel like they don’t fully understand. It’s also possible that you don’t want to bring up the loss in front of them, especially if they’re grieving too.

Many people choose to receive grief counseling to help them work their way through the stages and eventually reach a positive outcome. Others end up with a counselor because they simply have no other option. If some time has passed since the death of your loved one, and you still are unable to function normally, it might be wise to see a counselor as soon as possible.

1. The Freedom to Discuss Everything

When you visit a grief counselor, you’ll be free to express any emotion that comes up without the worry of upsetting anyone. If you’re working with a wrongful death lawyer, you can discuss the various aspects of the case that are weighing on your mind. You’ll also be free to discuss anything else that comes up. Grief can sometimes uncover other buried emotional traumas from your past, and now would be an excellent time to work through them.

2. An Increased Understanding of Loss

Just like your wrongful death attorney understands the legal aspects of your situation, your grief counselor will understand the emotional aspects. Loss can be very complex, and some of the things you’re feeling might not make sense to you. Grief counselors have been trained on the various ways different people react to loss, including children. Not only can therapy help you work through your own pain, but it can also help you get a better grasp on how to help your loved ones.

3. A Plan to Manage It All

Right now, you’re trying to balance work, therapy, health, your personal life, parenting and time to grieve. That can be difficult unless you have a plan. An experienced grief counselor can help you come up with a plan for budgeting your time that allows room for emotional healing. They can also provide tips and tricks for developing mindfulness and other practices that allow you to stay in the moment during busy or stressful times.

4. The Ability to Focus Again

Grief counseling allows you to get it all out on the table in a safe, compassionate environment. After you share some of your feelings, you’ll likely feel refreshed and ready for another positive phase. Grief always comes in waves, and while these waves won’t necessarily occur while you’re in your counseling session, talking about them there will still help you process what happened when the waves do hit. When emotions are processed, you clear space within your psyche. This is an important aspect of healing.

5. It Can Expand Your Desire to Help Others

After you go through grief counseling, you might experience a greater sense of compassion for others who’ve experienced losses. If so desired, you can take what you’ve learned from your counselor and join an ongoing support group. You’ll be able to help others who’ve recently suffered a loss, which can be a rewarding way to spend your time.

Death is something we all must deal with at one point or another, and there’s no shame in getting help. If you’ve lost your loved one in an accident and haven’t yet considered hiring a wrongful death lawyer, please contact Lalezary Law Firm today. When we meet for your free consultation, we can discuss the circumstances surrounding the death of your loved one and figure out the best plan to move forward.

Do Loud Pipes Really Save Lives?

If you are a motorcycle rider, you are naturally concerned about safety. You want to be sure that when you enjoy your hobby you are not also risking your life. For many years, motorcycle riding enthusiasts have claimed that using loud pipes on their bikes is a life saver. There are two sides to this debate, with not a whole lot of hard evidence to really support either view. Accidents involving riders still occur on a daily basis—loud pipes or not—as any motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you.
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If You Keep Your Pipes Loud, Will It Save Your Life?

Many motorcycle riders claim that keeping their pipes as loud as possible is the best thing they can do for safety’s sake. This is because they assume that the louder you are, the more easily noticed you will be. In other words, safety and noise have a direct correlation.

Motorcycles are small in relation to cars, trucks, and RVs. Even the largest touring bike has relatively little protection to offer to the rider. This is why many people believe that keeping your pipes nice and loud is the next best thing you can do—besides practicing defensive driving—to keep other vehicles constantly aware of your presence.

Does the Loud Pipe Theory Really Bear Results in Real Life?

However, as there are many advocates of the loud pipe theory, there are also many people who simply don’t buy it. For one thing, there is no data on the amount of motorists who have swerved to avoid a motorcycle because of loud pipes. A quick check with a local motorcycle accident attorney will confirm this. Many people also point to the fact that, to this day, no major—or even minor—safety authority or organization has recommended the use of loud pipes.

Are Loud Pipes Simply an Affectation?

Many people believe that making use of loud pipes on a motorcycle is really nothing more than an affectation. Pointing to supposed safety benefits is just a way for some bike riders to justify the use of these loud pipes. While this may not be true of every motorcycle rider, it is true that no leading motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles has come forward to expressly endorse the loud pipe safety theory.

What Should You Do If Your Loud Pipes Don’t Prevent an Accident?

Suppose that you have had your bikes fitted with the loudest exhaust system possible. What if these loud pipes still did not suffice to prevent you from getting into an accident? If you have proof that the accident was not your fault, your best bet at this point is to engage the services of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

The accident that you suffered on your motorcycle may have left you with injuries that need constant medical attention and therapy for the foreseeable future. If the settlement that the insurance company offered you for your injuries was not enough to cover your costs, you need to look elsewhere for justice. It’s an excellent idea to arrange for an initial consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

If You Have Trouble Covering Your Expenses, You Need Legal Help

You may have been forced to miss a great deal of time from your job because of your injuries. You may have gone far over your allotted number of vacation and sick days. This may have resulted in you being fired from your job. As a result, you may have lost the ability not only to cover your medical bills but also to cover your basic house and car payments.

If your accident has devastated your finances, you need to speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer today. This is the person who can help you present your case to the court in order to get the fair settlement you need to pay off your expenses and reclaim your quality of life.

Even If Your Pipes Aren’t That Loud, You Can Still Get Justice

At the end of the day, loud pipes were neither the cause of your accident or a suitable safety measure. Likewise, you were not the culprit but the victim of the accident that resulted in your serious and costly injuries.

What matters is that you can prove that the injuries you received as a result of this accident entitle you to fair and full compensation. The sooner you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer, the sooner you can get your life back on track. The time to call for your free initial consultation is now.

Getting the Best Possible Car Insurance Rates

California law requires drivers to have a way to cover the costs associated with any type of injuries or damages they have caused in a vehicle accident. The easiest way to comply with this law is to have car insurance. Many people may just get the amount of coverage required. It’s possible this won’t provide a sufficient protection for them in many cases. A car accident attorney will recommend a person make an honest assessment of their situation and then try to get the best car insurance policy possible.
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Traditional Car Insurance

In this situation, an insurance company will determine its auto insurance rates based on a number of personal factors. This includes such things as a person’s credit score, age, driving history, gender, where they live and more. Based on this information, a car insurance company will determine the level of risk associated with a driver. The greater the risk, the higher the car insurance rates. A car insurance company can sell a person the minimum required insurance. They can also offer various car insurance products.

Telematics Device

In California, insurance companies can offer usage-based insurance programs. Drivers are given a telematics device to place in their car. It will record all of a person’s driving habits. It could determine if a driver will qualify for per-mile insurance. There are also usage-based insurance rates determined by how much or how little a driver uses their vehicle. In both situations, an insurance company will also use personal factors to determine a driver’s insurance rates. The use of a telematics device does have the potential to save some drivers money on their car insurance premiums.

Review Current Insurance Policy

One of the first steps to choosing a car insurance policy is for a driver to review their current policy. It’s important they note the level of insurance as well as the amount they are paying for it. This will provide some goals when it comes to getting preferred coverage as well as the best possible insurance rates.

Check Driving Record

It’s easy for a person to forget a speeding ticket or something that didn’t seem like a big deal at the time. A person’s driving record will be used to determine their car insurance rates. Should someone have tickets or points on their record that will soon be removed, it is important they wait until this is done before getting insurance quotes.

Obtain Quotes

Once a person knows their personal driving needs and information, it’s time to present it to different insurance companies for a quote. Many people will ask friends or family members about insurance companies. A quote can be obtained using an online service or by directly contacting an insurance company representative. The amount of time required to receive a quote will vary between ten and twenty minutes. Many drivers who invest the time necessary to get multiple quotes have often been able to save hundreds of dollars.

Insurance Policies

It’s important to know an insurance company’s different rates for the coverages they provide. Knowing an insurance company’s payment policies is also essential. A driver should be aware of the payment plans offered by a company as well as any grace periods associated with making a late payment and more. All possible car insurance discounts should be explored. Insurance companies may give a discount for a person’s good driving record as well as the security and safety equipment on their vehicle and more. Some people get discounts if they have certain professional affiliations as well as certain occupations.

Check Insurance Company

A car accident attorney may recommend checking with the California Department of Insurance when choosing an insurance company. This is where it’s possible to get information on the reliability of a company as well as complaints brought against them and more. It’s also possible to get an independent rating of an insurance company from Weiss Ratings. Useful reviews from an insurance company’s customers are maintained by J.D. Power and Associates.

Review Information

This is the step when the costs, and coverage types, as well as coverage limits of different insurance companies need to be compared. The driver’s budget for car insurance will also be a consideration. A car accident attorney will recommend drivers confirm everything promised in an insurance quote is in the policy. The Insurance Consumer Advocate Network recommends checking if an insurance policy requires an auto repair business to use new factory parts or if aftermarket parts are acceptable. If an insurance policy requires only factory parts be used for repairs, a driver may want to think about this policy. If an auto repair business uses the wrong parts, the insurance company may be able to legally deny their claim.

Many people don’t take their car insurance serious enough until they have an accident. This is when they learn about their policy and insurance company. In some cases, it’s a good experience. Many people also find it an upsetting one. When someone believes they’re not getting fair compensation after an accident, it may be time to contact a car accident lawyer. They know how to review a person’s insurance policy and help them get what they deserve from their insurance claim and more.