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There are very few places in the world that have a highway system like the state of California. State population levels and the fact that almost everyone needs a vehicle to maintain their lifestyle means the massive transportation system is always awash in traffic, many of which are in a hurry to reach a destination. This is especially true for the trucking industry that is vital to California’s vibrant economy and the many motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the state. This combination of motor vehicle operators utilizing the California transportation system means that accidents occur on a daily basis that necessitate consultation with an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer concerning representation when it appears collecting damages will be problematic.

Why Accident Victims Need a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

Even accident injury victims who appear to have simple and obvious claims need solid legal representation because all insurance companies have an established claim processing protocol that is designed for their advantage. The insurance adjuster mission is to lessen the value of a claim, or even deny a claim when they think they can convince a claimant they have a weak claim. Insurance adjusters also use a different tactic is some instances and offer a lowball settlement quickly when they think the claimant will take it without legal presentation. And of course, the settlement will also routinely include a full release from future medical problems.

These are all bad faith tactics, and insurance companies who operate in this fashion could be liable for an additional lawsuit when an aggressive Los Angeles car accident lawyer can prove bad faith in court. Studies have consistently held that all auto accident injury claimants get more compensation when they have professional and focused legal counsel.
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What a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Can Do

Fault in auto accidents cases is not always easily established, especially in a multi-car crash. Truck accidents can be difficult cases as well because trucking companies send an investigation team to the scene immediately following a crash even before any claims are filed. Retaining an experienced and aggressive car accident attorney means that victims can have their own legal team investigating the accident as well to counter any claims or attempt at influencing the accident reconstruction specialist regarding fault for the accident. This is common for insurance providers and commercial entities. Insurance companies conduct investigations as well looking for any technicality they can find in an effort to deny responsibility or reduce the comparative fault level of their client. Many times the insurance providers or defending respondent will claim the injured plaintiff is largely responsible for their own injuries due to comparative fault, which is an area of a claim negotiation that always requires effective counsel from a professional legal negotiator to maximize any injury settlement.

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Never attempt settling a car accident injury claim without the benefit of legal counsel because the typical injured auto accident victim does not realize how valuable a claim may be. Always call the experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys at Lalezary Law Firm for a full free comprehensive analysis of your potential injury claim.