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New Industry, New Problems

LimeBike is a young company that operates dockless bicycle-sharing systems in several cities in California, including San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles—and beyond. Since launching in 2017, LimeBike has gained hundreds of millions of dollars in value, and the company hopes to reach the same heights as Uber and other innovative billion-dollar companies.

To use one of LimeBike’s namesake products—bicycles which sport a hard-to-miss lime green and yellow color scheme—all customers have to do is locate a nearby bicycle on the company’s mobile app, scan a QR code to unlock the bicycle, and park and lock the bike to finalize the trip. Rides cost $1 for every half hour of use.

While LimeBike’s service is excellent in its convenience and ease of use, the same thing cannot be said about the company’s safety measures. Their bicycles can be dangerous because they are unregulated in many areas. Aside from injuries sustained in a crash, a third-party can be injured from tripping over a bicycle that was left in the middle of sidewalk, for instance. Already, many people living in cities where LimeBike is active are complaining of the clutter that the bicycles create and the safety issues they present.

The venture-backed Bay Area startup is set to roll out electric scooters and bikes in 2018. Expect reports of individuals injured by a LimeBike vehicle to spring up as they unleash more and more of their fleets into the streets.

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Accidents Involving LimeBike

Loose regulations put not only LimeBike riders at risk, but also the people around them. There are many ways that a person can be injured by a LimeBike vehicle, including the following:

  • A LimeBike rider can be hit by a negligent driver in an automobile.
  • A LimeBike rider can sustain serious injuries from tripping or falling, especially if they’re not wearing a helmet.
  • A LimeBike vehicle can malfunction and cause the rider to fall.
  • A third-party can be injured from running into or tripping over a vehicle left on a pathway in a negligent manner.
  • A reckless rider can crash into a third-party, injuring them.

After an accident, it is highly advised that you take pictures of the scene as well as your injuries and to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as you can.

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Why You Should Get an Attorney

If you have been the victim of a LimeBike accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for any and all damages resulting from the accident. However, injury claims are difficult to litigate due to the complex legal procedures involved. An attorney can help you navigate the whole process while protecting your rights.

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