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What is Important to Know About Rideshaing Services and Accidents

Lyft and other ridesharing services have become a popular way to get around in southern California. These services make it possible to avoid problems with public transportation, cost of a taxi and more. It does come with its own set of challenges. Drivers of ride sharing vehicles still get involved in collisions and these accidents can involve injuries to passengers. A Hollywood Lyft accident attorney knows these passengers are entitled to receive fair compensation for their injuries and property damage.

Hollywood lyft accident attorney

Lyft Insurance

In order to comply with state law, drivers working for a ridesharing service in California are required to carry certain amount of vehicle insurance. This is done so any damage or injuries that occur during a car crash in a Lyft are covered. Some insurance companies refuse to pay for damages if the driver for the ridesharing service was at fault. They will advise a passenger to try and obtain compensation directly from the driver who caused the accident.

Lyft Injuries

One of the first things a passenger should do when they experience an accident with a ridesharing service is to seek medical attention. This should be done even if a person does not believe they are injured. A medical evaluation will make certain a person isn’t suffering from an underlying injury that could later become a serious health concern. A lyft injury consultation will explain how this could be essential for obtaining compensation when filing a claim.

Reporting a Lyft Accident

After an accident, it important for a passenger to make certain it is reported to the police. This will provide important details concerning what occurred. A car crash in a Lyft should also be reported to the ridesharing company. It is common for the company to try and avoid admitting liability for any damage claims. Reporting an accident provides an important record of it. This record is proof the accident occurred. A passenger seeking compensation should not speak with an attorney from the ridesharing company or an insurance company. They should speak with a Hollywood lyft accident attorney and get a Lyft injury consultation.

Compensation from a Lyft Accident

A car crash lawyer knows it is possible for passengers to experience various injuries during an accident involving a ridesharing service. These injuries could exceed the policy limits of a ridesharing company’s insurance coverage. Should the ridesharing driver be found at fault, the driver’s personal car insurance policy could be required to pay the balance.

Recovering From Injuries

When a passenger is injured due to a car crash in a lyft, they are entitled to a fair settlement. It is possible to force a ridesharing company to admit they are liable and pay for the damages. There have been situations where a ridesharing company was forced to pay the entire accident claim.

Contact a Lyft Attorney

When it comes to a passenger getting fair compensation after experiencing an accident in a ridesharing vehicle, it is not a simple thing. It will require the help of an experienced Hollywood Lyft accident attorney. They will know how to deal with the ridesharing company as well any insurance companies involved. A car crash lawyer will know how to place medical liens if necessary, negotiate the best possible settlement, or go to court to protect a passenger’s rights and get an accident victim the compensation they deserve.

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