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Protect Your Vital Legal Rights with a Beverly Hills Personal Injury Law Firm

Little in life can upend your day-to-day tasks than an accident. If you’ve suffered some type of accident, caused by the negligence of someone else, you need to take proactive and affirmative steps to protect your legal rights. This process begins with gaining an essential understanding of your fundamental legal interests in the aftermath of an accident. It also includes considering the importance of retaining the professional services of an experienced, skilled, tenacious personal injury law firm in Beverly Hills, like a member of the legal team at the Lalezary Law Firm, LLP.

Beverly Hills personal injury attorney

Get Justice with a Beverly Hills Personal Injury Attorney

Justice after an accident caused by someone else typically hinges upon a victim obtaining appropriate compensation for injuries, damages, and losses. Financial compensation in an accident case depends upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident. It also depends upon the nature and extent of injuries a victim suffers. A personal injury attorney typically seeks compensation on behalf of a client for losses that include:

  • ► medical expenses
  • ► pain and suffering
  • ► mental anguish and emotional distress
  • ► lost wages or salary
  • ► permanent disability

In addition to compensation for existing injuries and damages, an experienced personal injury lawyer will also fight to obtain financial recovery for losses stemming for an accident and reasonably expected to be faced in the future.

For example, following an accident, an injured person may have the need for ongoing medical care and treatment. Pain and suffering may persist for an extended period of time. An injured person may not be able to return to work any time in the immediate future. All of these represent the type of future or ongoing losses for which an injured person is entitled to compensation.

Beverly hills personal injury lawyers

Insurance Claims and Lawsuits in a Car Accident Case

One of the most common types of personal injury cases in California is one arising from a car accident. A car accident attorney in Beverly Hills is uniquely positioned to fight for justice following an automobile accident.

A car accident attorney in Beverly Hills knows how to “take on” on even the largest insurance companies. In the absence of legal representation, insurance companies are known for doing nearly anything possible to prevent an injured person from obtaining the financial compensation deserved following a car accident.

An injured person must bear in mind that large insurance companies are in business for one primary reason. Mammoth insurance companies exist to make money and maximize profits for their shareholders.

There is a simple fact to bear in mind when it comes to the ultimate objective of an insurance company. An insurance company’s shareholders make more money when it pays less money out in the form of claim settlements.

Beverly hills PI law firm

Traumatic Brain Injury and Other Serious Injuries

An alarmingly common consequence of incidents like slip and fall accidents and car collisions is traumatic brain injury. There can be other serious injuries as well that potentially result in permanent impairment or disability.

Pursuing a traumatic brain injury insurance claim or lawsuit is particularly challenging. A brain injury law firm not only has a legal team experienced in this area of the law, but additionally has access to important medical experts. The Lalezary Law Firm is a brain injury law firm with an experienced team capable of providing effective representation in even the most challenging case.

Injuries and Losses from an Uber Accident

Uber, the rideshare company, has been in the news a good deal lately. Some of these reports have been about Uber accidents. Many of these accidents prove to be highly serious and result in severe injuries and damages.

Pursuing an injury claim or lawsuit arising from an Uber accident presents some complicated issues. Typically, a claim involves not only the driver, who is an independent contractor and not an employee of the company, but also Uber itself.

Pursuing an accident claim of this nature necessitates the engagement of an experienced Uber accident attorney, like a member of the legal team at Lalezary Law Firm. An experienced Uber accident attorney understands the intricacies of effectively pursuing a claim or lawsuit following a rideshare accident.

Personal Injury law firm in beverly hills that deals with Lyft and Uber Injuries

Retaining a Beverly Hills Personal Injury Attorney from the Lalezary Law Firm

The first step in retaining or hiring a personal injury law firm is scheduling what is known as an initial consultation. During an initial consultation with a member of the Lalezary legal team an injured person is provided an evaluation of a case. An injured individual also has the opportunity to ask any questions that he or she may have about a case, the insurance claims settlement process, or a personal injury lawsuit. The Lalezary personal injury law firm in Beverly Hills charges no fee for an initial consultation with a prospective client in a personal injury case.

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